5 Essentials Every Dog Grooming Kit Should Have

dog grooming kit

You finally got that puppy you’ve been dreaming of! Congrats! You’re going to have many years and a ton of adventures together.

But how do you take care of your new family member? You need to gather the right tools to give your dog regular grooming, so they stay healthy and happy.

We’re going to tell you the top five tools you need to have in your dog grooming kit.

1. Nail Trimmers

There are three main types of trimmers: claw, guillotine and scissor style. If you have a small dog with delicate nails, the scissor style will work for your needs.

Guillotine trimmers are spring loaded when you squeeze the handle and work best for larger dogs with tougher nails. Claw trimmers are a combination of the other two spring-loaded scissors.

If clippers stress your dog, a grinder may be the answer. It works like a nail file to grind away your dog’s nails. You should also include styptic powder in your kit to stop the bleeding if you accidentally cut your dog nails too close.

2. Hair Clippers

Dogs with short hair do not need to be clipped, but those with medium to long hair need trimming. You can buy trimmers meant for people, but it would be better to use clippers designed for dogs.

Dog hair is typically thicker and denser than the human hair, so the blades will dull quickly on human clippers. Use the guards that come with the clippers to ensure a nice even cut.

3. Dog Shampoo, Not People Shampoo

Dog shampoo is not the same as regular people shampoo, don’t make the mistake of using people shampoo. The tear-free shampoo is designed not to hurt your dog’s eyes and work with their skin.

You can also look for shampoos with oatmeal or medication to help soothe skin conditions. A conditioner is not necessary but will help keep your dog’s coat moisturized and shiny.

4. Combs and Brushes

Look at the type of hair your dog has to determine what comb or brush is the best for your dog. You may find that more than one type will be necessary.

Bristle brushes are the general go-to brush by working well on the majority of hair types. The bristle options range from super soft to hard and very short bristles too long.

If your dog has long hair, look for a wire pin brush or a slicker brush to work out the tangles that can happen. If your dog gets horrible tangles or matting, be sure to look for a rake or mat breaker.

If your dog sheds a lot, look for a shedding brush with special teeth to remove the excess fur deep within double coats. A flea comb is also a must to remove those pesky bugs from your dog’s coat.

5. Scissors

You’ll want to look for good quality sharp scissors. The lower the quality, the quicker they dull. The duller your scissors, the more likely you will slip and hurt your dog.

Scissors are useful for dogs whose hair continually grows like human hair. They are also helpful for getting into nooks and crannies that clippers can’t reach such as between the pads of their paws.

Check Your Dog Grooming Kit

When you have the right tools, you can do the best job. So gather up your nail clippers, hair clippers, shampoo, brushes and scissors to make your own dog grooming kit.

Don’t have time to groom at home, give us a call for professional grooming services for your dog.

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