5 Reasons To Go With Professional Cat Groomer

cat groomer

Despite all the licking they do, cats need a professional cat groomer on occasion.

It’s not just mucky dogs that need an expert clean from time-to-time. Loose fur, dander, mud, and anything else your kitty picks up can get stuck in their coat.

thorough groom will make your cat feel like a million dollars.

You may not believe it, though. If you’ve ever tried to give your cat a bath, or a thorough brushing, you probably got to know their claws pretty well.

That’s why a cat groomer is your new best friend.

1. A Professional Cat Groomer Knows How to Keep Kitty Calm

A grooming salon is equipped to deal with all types of feline personality. From the calmest kitty to the grumpiest cat, a professional groomer will be able to handle them well.

You know how washing your cat is a bit like getting a square peg in a round hole?

Groomers are the square holes.

We can help your feline friend to feel relaxed, making their regular grooming a positive experience.

2. You Don’t Need to Invest in Fancy Grooming Tools

If you’re going to groom your cat well and on a regular basis, you need to invest in the proper tools.

You also need to top up the special shampoo when it runs out, and know which conditioner is best for your cat’s fur.

You’ll need a special tool to trim kitty’s claws.

You’ll need a unique pet grooming dryer to easily dry your cat off without scaring or harming it.

Or you could take your feline to a cat groomer who has all of these things and more.

3. Your Cat Will Experience Luxury

When you groom your cat at home, we bet the set-up looks a bit like this:

  • Pin kitty down on the kitchen table (gently, of course)
  • Comb through until kitty starts meowing too loud for you to bear
  • Try to coax kitty with treats to be quiet
  • Miss out on trimming at least one claw due to wriggling
  • Get covered in lacerations if kitty is taken anywhere near water

That doesn’t sound overly relaxing, does it?

Grooming should be a luxury experience! When your cat is taken to a professional cat groomer, they’re treated like royalty.

From extra-special conditioning treatments to winter-protection paw wax, a trip to the groomer’s is a treat.

Your trained professional won’t get stressed, so your cat will stay chilled out.

4. Your Cat Won’t Sulk With You

You know what this is like.

Your cat comes home stinking of something disgusting or covered in the entrails of their latest ‘gift’ to you. Their usual ‘lick clean’ bath just won’t cut it.

Thus begins the dreaded bathtime.

After, there’s the death stare. You know the one. You feel like your cat will never forgive you.

A professional groomer won’t take kitty’s attitude personally if they hold a grudge, and your precious human-kitty friendship stays protected.

5. Your Cat Groomer Will Notice When Something’s Wrong

We’re trained to know what your cat’s breed needs.

Whether a double-coated Persian or classic British Shorthair, each cat and each coat need different types of care.

We’re trained to spot things that aren’t quite right, too. We get to know what should – and shouldn’t – be on a cat. What’s normal, and what needs checking out.

As we get so close and personal with your cat, we’ll let you know if we’ve spotted anything that’s unusual and may require a vet visit.

Find Out More About Grooming For Cats

It’s time to find your local cat groomer. Do some research and find one that caters to your breed and requirements. For example, some may specialize in long-hair breeds, or preparing cats for shows.

Remember to always read reviews, and make sure your groomer has required state certificates and training qualifications to handle your pet.

When you’ve found one you love, take your cat for the pampering of a lifetime! Contact us today.

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