Avoid These Common Dog Grooming Mistakes

dog grooming

Maybe you’ve realized your dog is looking a little scruffy, and is in need of dog grooming. You want your pup to look and feel good and it’s important to you to be a responsible pet owner. Or possibly you have family coming over and just want him or her to look extra cute. Whatever your reason, there’s more than meets the eye to achieve an excellent dog grooming experience.

Whether you intend to try to do it yourself or pay someone with professional training and experience, the outcome can vary hugely. The process can be inadequate and ineffective if not done by someone with the right temperament and degree of experience.

After all, if a quick wash and dry were all it was about, your 10 year old could do it.

Here are 5 mistakes to avoid during dog grooming that can greatly affect your furry buddy’s health, comfort level and of course their skin and coat:

Mistake #1 Grooming Only A Few Times A Year

There are quite a few reasons dog grooming should occur more consistently throughout the year. Not the least of which is that it gives your dog a chance to bond with his groomer. A professional groomer provides socialization out in public. Trips to the vet become easier, as well as other interactions with people outside the family.

It also gives him a chance to get used to grooming. So, instead of it being an anxiety producing hide-and-shake session at an unknown situation, it is routine and expected. This way, he can be comfortable and free from painful mats year-round.

It gives you the opportunity to keep tabs on the health of your dog’s skin so you can be aware of possible lumps or other issues that may need a vet’s attention. This health check is a service provided by reputable local dog groomers.

When your dog’s coat isn’t maintained consistently, severe tangles and matting can occur, which pull on the skin. In addition, stickers can hide under mats, burrowing into the skin and becoming actual medical problems. At certain stages, the only option is shaving matted fur, which isn’t ideal at certain times of the year.

Summary- Having your dog groomed consistently results in significant benefits to his mental and physical health.

dog grooming

Mistake #2 Brushing At The Right Times And With The Right Equipment

Many people don’t realize that by doing a thorough brushing before getting the dog wet, you can detangle some of the fur before water makes the tangles much worse. A professional dog groomer will know exactly how to brush your dog’s specific fur type. A thorough brushing will be done to begin to remove tangles, fleas and possible debris, like stickers.

They will have the right equipment to thoroughly brush and work through the fur, whether it is a thick double-coat of a German Shepherd that requires a deep brushing, or perhaps a more curly coated breed, such as a Portuguese Water Dog, that requires different equipment entirely.

Knowing exactly what type of fur you’re working with is important for the total experience. Even if you’ve got a mixed breed, this is important to know.

Missing brushing behind the ears or near the hind-quarters can be another mistake when dog grooming. A professional groomer will gently and skillfully work those tangles out to produce a beautiful total look that is ultimately an amazing feeling for your dog.

Summary– Knowing how and when to brush makes all the difference for a dog during the grooming process.

Mistake #3 Choosing The Wrong Dog Grooming Clippers

Have you ever tried to choose from the many dog grooming clippers available on the market?

The problem is, each type is designed for a specific type and length of fur, as well as for certain grooming goals. These goals can be an overall shave, or clipping sensitive, hard to reach areas. A professional will invest in top-of-the-line equipment, so you don’t have to rely on pet food store employees to educate you on dog clippers.

The wrong tool for the job can result in frustration, injury, and wasted money. There is an ideal length to cut fur based on your objective. Is it for a summer cut or just for cutting mats here and there? It’s important not to cut fur too close to the skin or to try to use a tool that isn’t powerful enough for certain types of fur.

The clippers also have certain maintenance requirements or they won’t work properly. If used for the wrong type of job, they can wreak havoc on your dog’s fur.

Blunt blades will make the process slow and far less effective. If used improperly, the blades can get caught on dry fur and cut the dog. Not only is this a risky endeavor, it is a sure-fire way to cement in your dog’s head that he doesn’t trust anyone messing with his fur.

Summary- It’s easy to buy the wrong clippers and end up frustrated and with poor results.

Mistake #4 Inadequate Rinsing After Shampooing

Rinsing is a tough job when a dog isn’t calm or contained properly. Without the right equipment, water pressure and ideal water temperature, it is practically impossible to get all the grime and soap out of some dog’s fur. Fleas are tough to rinse out also.

In the end, a thorough rinsing is a top priority for a dog’s comfort and final results. There’s not much point to achieving a half-clean dog. More than that, soap residue will irritate the skin, causing itching, dryness and further matting.

dog grooming

To avoid shampoo or even conditioner residue, rinse until the water is clean. Use a temperature that is very comfortable for your dog, and adequate water pressure to get through to the skin. It’s hard to rinse all the potential soapy spots on your dog, such as behind the ears, the inside of the legs, and the belly.

This is why having the right equipment is crucial for this endeavor. It’s important to have the right sprayer, and also to use an area where the dog isn’t slipping and sliding and trying to escape. A true professional will know how to keep a dog calm and safe during this process.

There are many considerations when optimizing the health and well-being of your dog. Dog grooming is a total package and shouldn’t be taken lightly by caring dog owners. Make sure your dog groomer avoids these mistakes.

Summary- Rushing through the dog grooming process and not rinsing properly can leave a dog with trapped soap next to his skin. This can irritate the skin.

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