Cat Grooming Services: What You Should Know

cat grooming services

As a cat owner, you’re probably aware of how important cleanliness is to the furry little critters — but did you know that cats spend up to half their waking hours cleaning themselves?

This might lead you to believe that cat grooming services aren’t necessary, but in fact, there are times when you want to take your kitty in to be groomed (or to have the groomer come to you!). Read on to find out more!

Long-Haired Cats Needs Extra Cat Grooming Services

Super fluffy cats may have more fur than they know what to do with!

It’s not unusual for long-haired breeds to develop mats, tangles, and knots in their fur. Such mats are especially common in places they can’t reach as well, like the base of their tail.

Matted fur can trap moisture and irritants next to the cat’s skin. This can lead to discomfort and even skin infections. Once a cat’s fur has begun to clump and mat together, it can be very difficult to untangle them.

If your cat doesn’t enjoy being brushed and has trouble keeping her own fur smooth and silky, it may be necessary to take her in for cat grooming services.

In severe cases, the kitty may even require sedation and shaving.

Sanitary Cat Grooming Services

It’s second nature for a cat to groom himself after a trip to the litter box, but in the case of long-haired animals, this may not be enough.

Long fur around the cat’s derriere can make it difficult to remove any lingering fecal matter, which will quickly become uncomfortable for the cat — as well as for any humans she gets close to.

“Sanitary” grooming services remove excess hair from this hard-to-reach area, making it much easier for the pet to take care of his own needs after a bowel movement.

Such services should be performed on a regular basis.

Elderly Cats Benefit from Grooming, Too

Just like their human companions, cats have a harder time taking care of their grooming needs as they age. Arthritis and general lack of flexibility mean that’s hard to lick and groom their entire body.

Regular trips to the groomer can keep your granny kitty clean, healthy and happy.

Eliminate Furballs With Regular Brushing

It’s important to brush cats on a regular basis, to eliminate the possibility of hairballs. Brushing eliminates loose fur, which would otherwise be ingested when the cat grooms herself.

However, maybe your kitty doesn’t like to be brushed. Some cats love it, while others will do anything to avoid it, including clawing and biting the hand that grooms it.

If the latter is true of your cat, a groomer can be a godsend.

Giving a Cat a Bath

While there are some cats who take to water happily, most of them aren’t fans of being immersed in H20. If your feline friend has gotten into something he shouldn’t have — a substance that’s sticky or gooey, for example — it’s going to be difficult for him to groom himself adequately.

Don’t relish the idea of wrestling with a soaking wet, hopping mad cat?

We feel you!

That’s one instance in which professional cat grooming services really come in handy!

Grooming Services Reduce Your Stress

Regular grooming services are essential to your cat’s health and well-being — and to your peace of mind.

They’re experts in cat grooming as well as dog grooming. In no time at all, they will make your sweet kitten look, feel, and smell like a million bucks!

If your cat needs some TLC, come see the professionals at Lucky Dawg today!

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