How to Choose the Best Dog Haircut for Your Pup

dog haircut

Since the way you groom your dog is a true marker for being a responsible pet owner, you need to start taking your pooch’s hair care seriously.

There are plenty of fun and funky grooming styles you can look for. If you’re not sure what to expect out of shopping for a dog haircut, we’ll get you started with some suggested.

Below, we’ll dive into popular haircut types, how to find the best groomer and how to fit regular cuts into your dog’s schedule.

Let’s get into it!

Look for Stylish Dog Haircut Examples

Never limit your options when it comes to finding the most fun and creative dog haircut.

Plenty of stylists have gone above and beyond to come up with styles that you’ll be proud to have your dog wear.

Some examples of popular dog haircut styles include the summer cut, the lion do, the puppy cut and plenty of poodle haircuts.

The more you put time into figuring out which style suits your pooch, the more options you’ll have in the long run. Think about your dog’s breed, size, and fur type.

By looking at plenty of examples of cuts, it’ll offer you more options to play around with. Make sure to focus not just on how the haircut will look now, but how you can maintain your dog’s grooming for the long haul.

Hire the Best Professional Groomer

Hiring a quality groomer is one of the most important parts of pet ownership.

For instance, using a groomer regularly helps you find the best dog haircut. On top of that, you’ll be able to keep your dog’s nails trim, spirits high, and health at its best.

This, it’s necessary to put some time into finding professional groomers and seeing the work they’ve done before.

Be sure that the groomer not only is skilled in implementing dog haircuts but that he’s easy to work with. Ask him to come up with custom hairstyle ideas.

You should get about five different references when on the hunt for a skilled groomer.

Find Great Prices for the Haircuts

Because you’ll need to groom your pet on a regular basis, make sure that each haircut is cost-effective.

When digging through dog groomer references, consider the price. A doggie grooming session can cost anywhere between $30 per session and $90 per session.

However, the price you’ll pay is up to the discretion of the groomer, so do yourself a favor and shop around.

Go the Lucky Dawg Route

Bottom line – you need a professional quality dog stylist to give your pet the best grooming.

Here at Lucky Dawg, we love to let our creativity speak for itself when giving your dog a nice cut. Visit our site and take a look at some of the past work we’ve done.

All of our testimonials are strong, which is why owners come back again and again.

Give your dog a beautiful cut by contacting us and speaking to one of our stylists today.

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