Common Mistakes To Avoid When Grooming Your Dog

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Regular grooming is crucial for any pet. Just like with humans, grooming is essential for your dog’s overall health. The grooming process helps your dog get rid of excess hair, which will improve their overall coat, and result in less shedding and dander in your house. Grooming also helps bring their natural skin oils to the surface, resulting in a better overall physical appearance. However, there are common mistakes that lots of owners make. Let’s look at those common dog grooming mistakes and how to avoid them.

Mistake One: Not Being Consistent With Your Dog’s Grooming

Owners mistakenly think that dogs only need grooming at certain times of the year. Or that dogs only need grooming when their fur looks like it needs it. This is a common mistake and one that owners can easily correct. Getting your dog on a set schedule with grooming is helpful for everyone. Think of grooming as an additional piece of your dog’s overall training.

Taking your dog on regular trips to the groomer helps them get used to going on outings and interacting with people. This can help them recognize that there is nothing scary about the groomer. The more familiar your dog becomes with grooming, the less stress and anxiety he or she will feel about the process. Also remember, grooming is a year-round activity. While a dog may need a more in-depth grooming session as the seasons’ change, visits to the groomer should happen on a regular year-round schedule.

Don’t forget to follow up scheduled grooming visits with regular brushing at home. This helps reinforce the message of grooming, and provides you with time to bond with your dog!

Mistake Two: Not Having The Correct Dog Grooming Tools At Home

As we mentioned in Mistake One, an owner should also groom their dog at home. Grooming isn’t just an activity for the dog spa, although there are several grooming activities best left to the professionals. But even basic grooming will be difficult to do, and potentially uncomfortable if you don’t have the proper tools at home.

Dogs have coats of varying lengths and thicknesses. Brushes and other tools are not a one-size-fits-all thing. Based on their coat, your dog will need different types of brushes. If you try to brush out their coat with the wrong tools, it could make your dog very uncomfortable. If a dog begins to associate discomfort with grooming, it will make the process very difficult for you—and any professional groomer you use. Purchase the right tools and use them correctly. Have your groomer help you determine which tools are the best for you to use at home.

Mistake Three: Using Too Much Soap During Bathtime

Every dog owner can relate to their canine friend getting into mud or something else and then needing an immediate bath. Where owners can make a mistake is using too much soap to clean off their friend. The amount of soap you need depends on the type of coat your dog has, the length of their fur, and how much dirt/debris they have in their fur. It’s better to use less soap than you think.

Start with a portion the size of a quarter. You can always add more if you need to. Excessive soap can take quite a bit of time to wash out of your dog’s coat. If your dog isn’t a big fan of bath time, to begin with, this could lead to a buildup of soap residue in their coat and extra stress on your pooch. Don’t forget to plug their ears with cotton balls as protection from the soap and water.

Mistake Three: Clipping Nails Too Close

Regular nail trims are also a part of your dog’s grooming. However, this task isn’t as easy as it looks. If an owner isn’t familiar with what to do, they can cut the nails too short. This can cause your dog a great deal of pain and even cause bleeding if the quick is cut. This can be upsetting for both the owner and the dog. Ask your groomer for tips and tricks on best practices for nail trimming. Even better, book a regular appointment with your groomer for nail trims instead.

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