Dog Grooming Tips for Avoiding Mishaps

dog grooming tips

For most dog owners, it’s no secret that grooming can feel like a losing battle.

If your pet doesn’t want to be bathed or groomed, your life can get difficult when it’s time to handle the necessary chore. Unfortunately, this means that things can start to go downhill fast.

Here are our best dog grooming tips for avoiding any unpleasant mishaps.

Proper Training

A dog who is anxious about being groomed isn’t trying to be bad. He’s feeling scared and vulnerable about having his space invaded with brushes and loud clippers.

Ideally, you’d able to start teaching your dog grooming manners while they’re still a puppy. Many dogs who are nervous about grooming either had a negative experience as a puppy or aren’t familiar with the process. If you have an adult dog who responds negatively to grooming, you may find it helpful to slowly introduce the sights and sounds he’ll encounter.

If your dog is wary of having his hair cut, bring out some clippers for him to smell. Turn it on and let him get used to the jarring sound. Let him sniff the nail clippers, brush, and anything else he might encounter during his grooming experience.

Get On His Level

The worst thing you can do for a dog that’s prone to trouble while grooming is to get him overly excited beforehand.

Instead of calling him over so he thinks he’ll be getting attention, try getting down on the floor when he’s taking a nap or a rest. If you need to trim his nails, start by gently massaging his paws, and transition into the manicure slowly.

If a good brushing is what your pup needs, start by petting him. When he’s quiet and settled in, you can start to incorporate the brush.

Win the Bath-time Battle

If your dog has a strong aversion to bath-time, things can get out of hand faster than you can say “hey, get back in that tub.”

There are a couple of tricks you can use to make bath-time (and your bathroom) much less messy. Before you attempt to bathe your unwilling dog, try taking him for a long walk. Let him get some pent-up energy out of his system, and there will be less for him to unleash on your bathroom floor.

Especially for more playful dogs, it can help to bring a toy or two into the tub. Like when bathing small children, many dogs are much happier in the tub if they can make a game out of it. Who knows – maybe it’ll end up being something you both look forward to instead of another messy chore.

Try These Dog Grooming Tips

Avoid unsightly and unpleasant mishaps by trying these tricks the next time your dog’s hygiene needs some attention. Spend less time fighting with your pup, and more time loving and playing with him. You’ll both be happy.

Check out our blog for more tips on caring for and dog grooming tips your furry pal.

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