Everything You Need to Know About Managing a Long Haired Dog

long haired dog

Long hair don’t care! Well, maybe when it comes to pet grooming you do.

Pet grooming is apart of pet health. It’s a way to bond with your pet and make sure they are well, which is why the benefits of managing a long-haired dog are so great.

Long-haired dogs have different types of coats–coarse and silky are most common.

Deciding how to manage these coats can be very intimidating, at first. However, don’t let all that hair get you in a tizzy!

Here’s everything you need to know about managing a long-haired dog.

Health Benefits for Long-Hair Dogs

Dogs with long hair carry silent stressors and health concerns. Grooming is an excellent way to detect these issues.

As you cuddle your dog, slowly brush through their long tresses while using your other hand to gently stroke their body.

Check for unusual lumps or bruises on their skin. Every few brush strokes, peak at the brush for parasites and fleas.

Pets and owners benefit from this part of the grooming processing, as it’s been scientifically proven to lower blood pressure and stress levels in both.

Groom According to Coat Types

Every dog has a different coat type. If you are unsure, schedule a grooming appointment to get a professional’s advice on your pet’s coat type.

Meanwhile, determining what type of coat your pet has is easy. Use your senses – touch and see.

Common coat types for dogs with long hair are coarse and smooth.

If this is the classification for your dog’s coat, then a mantra you’ll want to live by is – it’s all about the brush.

Dogs with long, coarse hair can be managed with a brush that reaches through their top coat, removing loose hair and matting in their undercoat. A brush with light bristles for smoothing or a smoothing brush will do the trick.

Brush the hair downward with one hand, while smoothing with other.

For silkier coats, use a softer brush to gently remove mats and tangles in the hair.

Bathing Matters

Dog grooming requires proper techniques. Bathing is one of them.

As with brushing, bathing a dog with long hair helps manage the dog down to its skin.

Bathing Techniques

  • Apply a detangling shampoo all over the coat.
  • Start from the top and work your way down, using your fingers to gently detangle through any matted, long tresses.
  • Softy massage the skin to check for bumps and scratches on the skin.
  • Blow-dry the hair. If your pooch dislikes the sound of a blow-dryer, towel blot the coat dry or allow it to air dry.
  • Trim the hair, paying close attention to the long hair around the paws. Use a nail file as well.

Bathing is a significant part of grooming your pet’s long hair and should be done as often as your dog’s skin requires.

Use a Service

Managing your dog’s long hair can be an overwhelming experience.

What products are safe, what grooming techniques are best, and can an owner do it all by themselves are all relevant questions.

This short guide is to aid. But if you are ever unsure about how to manage your dog’s long hair, take your pet to be groomed and sit in for the session.

Check out our mobile pet grooming services for more information on managing your pet’s luscious locks.

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