Find A Pet Salon For All An Animals Pet Grooming Needs

Dog Grooming and Cat Grooming

A visit to a salon helps people feel and look their best, whether it is for a special occasion or just a trim to keep their hair manageable. The same thing applies to owning a pet. Animals need routine grooming to make sure that their fur and skin is healthy and free of harmful parasites. Having an established relationship with a pet salon will ensure that a dog or cat gets the proper treatment to accommodate them.

Taking care of animals basic needs also requires that pet grooming is a part of the routine. Getting a dog or cat groomed on a regular basis can make animals healthier and keep them from getting skin conditions that are painful from matted fur. Animals that receive routine grooming are less likely to have parasites like fleas and ticks. Some dogs and cats need to be groomed on a schedule because of the thickness and length of their coats. It is also wise to groom a pet during certain times of the year to cut down on the amount of shedding produced by their undercoat.

Many animals do not like baths and are hard to handle when owners try to bathe their pet themselves; that is where having a reputable pet salon comes in handy. They are trained to handle a feisty canine or feline that would prefer to stay dry. A pet grooming facility has all the necessary equipment to help assist in the bathing and grooming process. Many places offer mobile salons to help work around an owners schedule and contribute to getting an animal clean. A helpful resource available to pet owners especially in grooming emergencies, for instance, your dog encountered a skunk on a trip outside to use the bathroom.

Lucky Dawg Salon Grooming will help customers care for their pets, keeping them clean and parasite free. They are trained to handle cats and dogs with bathing, fur clipping, and nail trimming as well as other things a pet may require during a routine grooming session. They are a family owned and operated business with a mobile fleet ready to assist customers who are unable to make it to the salon. Their staff will take care of a client’s pet like it was their own and they take pride in their work. Visit  Lucky Dawg Salon Grooming at:

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