Help Your Pet Stay Calm While He’s Being Groomed

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Having a dog or cat groomed can often produce a great amount of stress for the animal. Whether a pet is receiving pet grooming services at a salon or by a groomer at home or in an office, things are being done to him with which he’s unfamiliar. Dogs and cats have different reactions to stressful situations, but all of them are disturbing for both owner and animal. Pets can experience relaxing and even enjoyable grooming sessions without the need for tranquilizers if owners follow some basic guidelines.

Your dog may object to someone he doesn’t know touching him, particularly in sensitive areas of his body. You can help him learn to allow this kind of touching by working with him at home before he’s groomed. As you spend time with him, practice touching a sensitive area while saying a word that he’ll start to associate with the touch. Then immediately reward him with a treat so that he’ll develop a favorable association with this type of touch. Look for ways to make going to the grooming salon a positive experience. Perhaps spending some time playing with your dog at his favorite dog park or a taking him on a car ride he enjoys before the grooming session can help him connect fun times with grooming.

Most people think that cats don’t need to be groomed because felines take care of the job themselves. However, cats with long hair in particular can develop severe problems due to matted fur and hairballs. All cats are susceptible to dandruff because their skin is very sensitive. Fleas are also a common problem. Because most cats hate water and combing, many owners avoid grooming them until a problem gets out of control. A trained groomer understands and is experienced in working with aggressive and frightened cats. There are times when a groomer may need to use a muzzle when grooming an aggressive cat. However, even the most panicked and scared cat can slowly be taught to accept and even enjoy regular grooming.

As your dog or cat becomes familiar with grooming practices done by a professional pet groomer in the Los Angeles area, he’ll start to enjoy the experience and as his owner you will feel much more relaxed too. Visit Lucky Dawg Salon Grooming in Torrance for all your pet grooming needs.

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