How the Best Groomers Serve Both Pets and Their Owners

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A long time ago I learned that well cared for pets are the happiest and healthiest, so regular grooming is essential. However, my big family and busy schedule have sometimes made it hard to fit in dog and cat baths. Then I discovered that full-service businesses like Lucky Dawg Salon Grooming offer a variety of solutions. Their mobile, self service and in-house options serve both pets and owners.

DIY Grooming Is Great in Emergencies

I highly recommend using a pet salon that offers self service grooming. There have been many times when I took our young collie in for a cleanup after an adventure in the nearby woods. DIY grooming is typically available 7 days a week and allows each owner up to 45 minutes to spruce up their pet. Easy to use equipment includes non-slip, waist-high washing and drying stations, brushes, combs, shampoos, and towels. There are even aprons and rubber gloves for pet parents. I can wash and dry my active pup and never have to clean up the mess.

Mobile Grooming Pampers Pets

My local salon also offers mobile pet grooming that helps me during busy times and even relaxes our dog and cat. I can make an appointment and groomers will bring their van to my office or home. The salon-on-wheels has everything needed to get my pets looking their best, usually within an hour. That saves valuable time during hectic times. Groomers are also gentle animal lovers who keep our sometimes too-frisky dog and cat relaxed. It helps that only one pet at a time is tended to, which also reduces the chance of mine being exposed to parasites or disease.

Animals Love Their Salon Days

Services like Lucky Dawg Salon Grooming also offer in-house services that let my pets enjoy spa-like experiences. Professional animal stylists work in a fun environment that our dog and cat love. Groomers are careful to keep pet guests relaxed and happy during washing and while their nails and fur are trimmed. Technicians also express animals’ anal glands, clean their ears, and send them home wearing jaunty bows or bandannas.

The right pet groomer can make pet care simple and convenient. Fine businesses offer mobile and DIY grooming and convenient hours. Their staff members are animal lovers who keep pet guests relaxed and happy.

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