How to Keep Pets Healthier and Happier With Regular Grooming

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Every dog wants to look and smell its best. Okay, maybe the pets are not all that concerned with that, but their owners certainly are. Of course, since being well-groomed will usually help a dog to get more attention, hugs and belly rubs, they will at least appreciate the reaction to their impressive hygiene. Good grooming is important for aesthetic reasons, but it is also a necessary part of pet health as well. That is why regular visits should be a part of every pet care routine.

At our pet salon all of the grooming we do is to improve the quality of life for the pet. Nail trimming prevents torn nails and discomfort when walking. If the nails are not kept properly trimmed they can become ingrown, or even affect their gait and lead to hip and back issues. Some dogs will chew on overgrown nails and can harm their paws while doing so.

Cleaning the ears is another valuable grooming step. Dogs with floppy ears are at risk of many types of infections and commonly experience an overgrowth of yeast inside their ears. This is because the ears can remain damp after baths, when out in inclement weather and when swimming. Even though most pets do not appreciate the attention their ears get, we know that the careful cleaning and hair clipping will make them much more comfortable over time. It reduces the risk of infections, stops itchy ears and removes any waxy buildup in the ear.

Another concern is the skin. Regular bathing helps to reduce the risk of flea infestations, can help to soothe irritated skin from allergies and is a good way to check over the skin. Small skin growths and bumps are caught earlier when dogs are groomed frequently and this makes it easier to get them medical treatment sooner as well.

When dogs start a pet grooming routine early in their lives, while still puppies, they become more comfortable with the process and can even learn to enjoy the pampering they receive. This makes it easier on them, on their owner and the groomer. Help your pet to smell better and feel better while also watching out for their health.

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