Important Information to Know About Pet Grooming


Pet grooming is essential for both cats and dogs. Regular pet grooming can help to keep a pet clean and healthy. To make sure that pet grooming is done properly, it is vital to hire an experienced pet groomer. A certified pet groomer has the required skills, tools and professionals to make sure that pet grooming is done correctly. During the pet grooming process, a qualified pet groomer will pay special attention to the pet’s eyes, ears, teeth, mouth, bump and lumps on the skin and other areas. Basic pet grooming entails ear cleaning, brushing, bathing, perfume and external anal gland expression.

Routine brushing and bathing of all pets, regardless of coat length and types can help to keep the skin and coat healthy and good looking. Many cats only need to be bathed a few times in their lifetime, while other needs to be groomed more frequently due to the type of breed, and coat length. Most dogs do not require frequent bathing, but brushing in between bath times help to remove dirt, debris and dead hair from the coat. Brushing is vital part of good pet care. It helps to distribute natural oils on the skin, thereby promoting a cleaner and healthier skin.

Dogs, such as Yorkshire and Maltese tend to grow long hair on the mouth, face and eyes. If left untrimmed for long, this hair can become matted with saliva and food particles. In addition, research shows that dogs with hair in their eyes have high chances of developing eye infections, such as glaucoma and cataracts. Strategically trimmed hair around the eyes is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also help to prevent other health issues. Aside from hair trimming, it is essential to ensure that nails are trimmed regular to keep them at a desirable length. Long nails in cats and dogs can cause chiropractic issues, and can result in stiffness and joint pains.

In addition to health benefits, professional pet grooming services help to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of a pet. Remember to choose a certified pet groomer to get quality services at a reasonable price. Please Visit Lucky Dawg Salon Grooming in Torrance for all your pet grooming needs.

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