Pet Groomers: Key to Happy Animals and Owners

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For years I resisted bringing a cat into my apartment, thinking that animals are too much work. Then I was adopted by a cat I named Oreo and I quickly learned that, not only do animals add a lot to life, but there are professionals who take the stress out of pet care. After a little research I found that local experts like Lucky Dawg Salon pet grooming offer mobile, self-service and salon grooming. Their staff not only keep my energetic cat relaxed, but solve a lot of my problems.

Even Well Groomed Cats Love Salon Days

Like many first-time cat owners, I’d always assumed that cats’ constant self-grooming was all they needed. However, my vet explained that fur needs to be brushed and professional pet grooming helps animals healthy. The groomers who care for my cat are animal lovers who work in a fun environment and take special care to relax her. She has learned to love it when they shampoo and dry her fur. Technicians also clean her ears and trim her claws, which is important for good health. I never worry about her catching a diseases or parasites because the salon requires that all pet guests be vaccinated and flea free.

Self Service Comes in Handy

When there is no time to drop off and pick up my cat at the salon or she has gotten into something especially messy, I use the DIY services offered by the Lucky Dawg pet salon. Since facilities are offered on a first-come-first-serve basis, I call and make an appointment when possible. Cleaning areas include waist high sinks, shampoos, conditioners, cologne, brushes and combs. The grooming tables are easy to use and owners are offered aprons and rubber gloves.

Mobile Grooming Can Be a Lifesaver

Every pet owner should choose a salon that offers mobile service. There have been times when I called and arranged to have groomers bring their van to my home to pamper my pet and accommodate my full schedule. The vans include all of the products and equipment used in salons and provide a calm and quiet atmosphere. There are no barking dogs or other sounds to startle my cat and she loves the gentle groomer.

Lucky Dawg Salon Grooming provides salon, mobile and DIY services help keep pets healthy while accommodating their owners. Technicians are animal lovers who make grooming easy for owners and relaxing for pets.

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