Pet Grooming: All The Benefits & Perks

pet grooming

Both dogs and cats can benefit from professional pet grooming services. From feeling loved and cared for to preventing health problems, grooming is just an all-around great experience for your furry friend. Sure, you can always bathe your dog or cat by yourself, but what fun is that? Also, bathing a cat can be a bit of a tricky experience that is best left to the professionals.

Dropping your beloved pet off at the grooming salon can also be beneficial for you, too! It gives you a chance to run some errands, spend an hour or two with a friend, and takes the burden of pet grooming off your hands. Grooming services are great for the entire family for more than one reason.

Are There Benefits For Grooming Your Cat?

In short, – Yes! Cats are naturally self-grooming animals and do not need frequent grooming like dogs. However, a periodic professional pet grooming session is extremely beneficial for your cat. Some kitties simply aren’t great at grooming themselves, or they have medical issues that prohibit them from doing it at all.

Depending on the breed of cat that you have, some can have longer hair than others. The longer the hair, the more at risk your cat is of getting mats. A groomer can successfully comb out any existing mats and give your cat a healthy hair trim to prevent any further ones. When your cat has fewer mats, it will lead to a healthier, more comfortable coat.

Cats that experience professional grooming services are less apt to shed. This can be very beneficial to and your loved ones if any of you have allergies. Plus, less shedding means less pet hair to clean up in your home.

Cats can sometimes develop skin conditions or parasites that are often hard to see, especially if you don’t know what to look for. A professional groomer can spot these issues that can plague your cat’s health because they have a trained eye.

DIY Pet Grooming Your Dog Is Just As Good As Professional Grooming, Right?

In all honesty, no, it isn’t. Sure, you can give your good old boy (or girl) a bath in the family tub or with the garden hose to keep them clean in between professional grooms, but that doesn’t take the place of expert pet grooming services. Just like cats, your dog’s coat needs some serious TLC from a trained pet groomer who knows how to care for an assortment of breeds.

Dogs often require nail trims to keep their paws and nail beds healthy. Trying to trim your dog’s nails on your own can lead to all sorts of undesirable occurrences that range from clipping your dog’s skin to your dog becoming so agitated that they bite you. Yes, this can happen even if your dog is the least aggressive four-legged fur baby on the planet.

Pet grooming for your dog can give them a chance to socialize with other dogs and humans, too! This can be a fun and exciting time for your pet. Everyone needs new friends, and this includes the creatures of the animal kingdom. However, if your dog doesn’t do well around other dogs, simply tell your groomer so that arrangements can be made.

One of the biggest benefits of having your dog groomed is keeping them healthy. Sure, your pup will look and smell pretty after a fresh bath and fur trim, but your groomer will also be able to spot health issues on the skin, teeth, ears, and eyes.

Mobile Pet Grooming Can Make The Experience Easier On You & Your Furry Friend

Sometimes, taking your dog or cat to the grooming salon isn’t an option. Perhaps your pet has anxiety issues when it comes to riding in the car, or maybe you have limited mobility and can’t take them. Whatever the reason may be, mobile pet grooming can help!

Lucky Dawg Pet Services offers professional mobile pet grooming that you and your fur baby will love! Your pet gets to experience all the perks of the salon but in your driveway. Mobile pet groomers come fully prepared to give your dog or cat the star treatment, and you never have to leave the house.

Get Professional Pet Grooming With Lucky Dawg Pet Services

Our company offers high-quality pet grooming services for both cats and dogs. We help keep your four-legged friend’s coat clean, shiny, and healthy. Our team of groomers has been well-trained, and each has a passion for providing exemplary pet care. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment for professional grooming services. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook!

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