Pet Grooming: Why Cats Should Be Visiting The Salon Too

Cat Grooming

Pet grooming is not reserved just for dogs. Many pet owners need assistance with their cats as well. Despite the belief that cats are always particular about keeping themselves immaculately groomed, the reality is different for a number of reasons. Having them professionally groomed will make them happier, healthier and more enjoyable to cuddle.

Long haired cats often get matted fur and tangles they cannot manage on their own. These can prevent them from bathing properly, and irritate the skin underneath. In addition, the long fur is a greater risk for causing hairballs. Even cats with short fur can suffer from the hairball issue, and for some cats it can be severe. When they are groomed by professionals at the pet salon, the loose hair is removed, and the risk for hairballs is substantially lowered.

Fleas and ticks are a risk to cats as much as they are dogs. They can be hard to detect in cats with thick fur, so regular grooming can help to identify when they are present. It is also a good way to remove any remnants of fleas after a treatment has been applied.

Older and overweight pets are good candidates for cat grooming as well. They may not get the exercise needed to keep their nails trimmed properly. They also may lack the interest, or the ability, to reach all areas of their body. This means that basic grooming may not be completed regularly after eating, spending time outside or using the litter box. When this occurs they can have an unpleasant odor and spread bacteria around the home. It is not pleasant or healthy for them or the people and other pets in the home.

Another important consideration is dander. It is often the dander that causes allergic reactions, not the pet fur itself. Regular grooming reduces the amount of dander on the pet, and may make it easier for even sensitive individuals to live comfortably with a cat.

Starting early, while the cat is still a kitten, will make it a routine event that causes them very little stress. Of course, any cat can be groomed as long as the facility is prepared for them and understands how to handle them properly. Only leave them with a salon that is equipped to groom cats, so they will get the best care possible.

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