Professional Pet Grooming

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A pet with matted fur or irritated skin will look and feel their best after they visit a pet salon. At a pet salon, dogs and cats are pampered by trained professionals. Each pet will be handled with care during their appointment so that they remain comfortable. Quality shampoo that is gentle and professional grooming supplies are used so that a pet’s skin isn’t irritated any further and so that a pet has a glossy, shiny coat after they are bathed.

A pet owner can request to have their pet’s fur combed at the establishment so that all of the knots that were previously present are eliminated. If a pet’s fur needs to be trimmed, a professional will complete the job so that each section of fur is even in length. Fur can be removed around the ears and face so that a pet’s vision isn’t obstructed. If an individual owns a pet that often has their fur cut into a fancy design, the pet grooming establishment will be able to give them the same type of style.

A pet’s nails can also be trimmed during each visit. Long nails can be painful to an animal and can pose a threat to their pet owner’s or the home that the animal lives in. Experienced groomers will be able to keep an animal calm while their nails are being cared for. A pet will not experience any pain while they are being treated. A self pet wash is also available at the establishment if a pet owner would like to bathe their pet themselves. This interactive experience will allow a pet owner to bond with their pet.

A mobile pet service is available if anyone would like to have their pet groomed, but would like to have it completed at their home in our mobile grooming van. Some pets feel most comfortable in familiar surroundings and this service will make caring for a pet convenient. All of our great pet grooming services are explained in further detail on their respective pages.

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