Why Regular Dog Nail Clipping is So Important

dog nail clipping

Does your dog put on a tap number every time they walk across the floor?

That’s a sign it’s time for some dog nail clipping!

Trimming your dog’s nails is a vital aspect of their health and grooming habits. True, your dog might be quite apprehensive about the process, but we have some tips to share that should do the trick.

Read on to see why keeping your dog’s nails trimmed is so important, and how to do it.

Why Dog Nail Clipping is Important

In the wild, dogs spent much of their time roaming around the land. This naturally eroded away at their nails and kept them short and trimmed.

Now, most urban dogs spend much of their time indoors on your nicely cleaned and coated floors.

When your dog’s nails grow past a certain length, they come in contact with the floor constantly. This can put a massive strain on their toes, and in turn, their paws.

It’s like wearing shoes that are too tight, crushing your toes back inwards.

If this goes on for too long, the joints of your dog’s foot will actually rearrange to compensate. The toes will spread out to ease the pressure, and the foot itself will lay flat to adjust.

Stay on top of your dog nail clipping habits to make sure your pooch stays in fit shape and presentable!

How to Trim Your Dog’s Nails

First, get dog specific nail clippers. Unlike humans, a dog’s nail is very rounded, like a cylinder. You’ll want to get a U-shaped clipper made for dogs, or a motorized nail filing device if you prefer.

Be very careful not to trim too close to your dog’s toe. There is a vein here called the “quick.” It’s full of nerve endings, so clipping it can be quite painful.

If you do accidentally nick the quick, don’t worry. While painful and some blood will come out, it can easily be bandaged up some gauze.

Be sure to apply a little hydrogen peroxide to the wound to ward off any germs and bacteria.

Start off slow and gentle, a little bit at a time.

Most breeds of dogs have nails that lighten as they get closer to the foot, like human nails. This can make it easier to identify the quick and stay clear.

Others will have much darker nails, so take your time identifying the proper spot for clipping.

If your dog is fidgety, that’s OK. It’s a strange process for them to go through. Over repeated sessions, they’ll get more comfortable with the practice.

If need be, offer them plenty of treats to ease their worries. But remember, you’re in charge, so don’t let your dog think they can scurry away after each nail.

Be gentle, but firm.

Let’s Get Clipping!

It’s a healthy practice for your pooch.

If it’s a bit much for you, though, you can always take your canine companion to the groomers for their dog nail clipping! It’s a one-stop ticket for all your pet’s grooming needs, like bathing, hair styling, and other necessary cleaning habits.

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