Special Needs Pets: Benefits Of Mobile Pet Grooming

mobile pet grooming

Meeting the grooming needs of your furry family member is a vital part of being a responsible pet owner. However, this basic task can be quite burdensome if your pet has anxiety issues. Some dogs and cats have health issues that grooming can exacerbate. They can become stressed and overwhelmed which makes the grooming process a major ordeal.

Loading your anxiety-ridden dog or cat into the car, driving them to the groomers, and knowing that the experience is going to be hard on them is worrisome. What if you didn’t have to put yourself and your pet through that? You’ll be happy to know that mobile pet grooming is an option.

In this article, we are going to focus on some of the benefits of mobile pet grooming and why it may be ideal for your four-legged friend. Some people discover that this method of pet care is far more convenient, too. There are quite a few perks to having the groomer come to you versus you going to them.

We want you to be aware of why the benefits of seeing a mobile pet groomer are so great, especially if your pet has special needs. Making the right grooming choice for your dog or cat can make a world of difference in their stress levels, as well as your own.

Eliminates Putting Your Pet In An Unfamiliar Environment

Some pets don’t like leaving their home. The act of putting them into the car can trigger anxiety so severe that your dog or cat becomes severely stressed. Even if you repeatedly take your pet to the same salon for grooming services, the experience may only marginally improve. There are many reasons for this, such as the chaos and noise in a busy grooming salon.

Mobile pet grooming can truly help your furry friend to feel more at ease. For one, your animal doesn’t have to leave the comforts of his own driveway. The familiar scents of his surroundings will be present, and this tends to set a special needs pet’s mind at ease. Plus, there are no other animals lurking around in your pet’s space.

Summary – Mobile pet grooming prevents your animal from having to leave their familiar territory. This reduces stress and anxiety associated with leaving the home.

mobile pet grooming

Mobile Pet Grooming Reduces Transportation Stress

If your pet deals with physical limitations, transportation can be a huge obstacle for him. For instance, if your dog has hind leg or back pain, getting in and out of a vehicle can trigger additional health problems. Your pet will undoubtedly associate riding in the car with pain, and this will cause problems for both the dog and the human.

If your pet is sick or a senior, mobile pet grooming can be a wonderful option versus traveling to a salon. Man’s best friend won’t have to climb into any vehicles, deal with motion sickness, or any other physically distressing situations.

Summary – If your pet is elderly or ill, car rides can be painful. Mobile pet groomers come to your dog, so there won’t be any transportation necessary. This eliminates physical stress from happening.

Safe, Sanitary Conditions

Often times, mobile pet groomers only work with one family at a time. Professional groomers will generally clean their trucks after each session with a pet. This means that your dog or cat will be groomed in a clean, sanitary environment that has not been contaminated by other animals.

Grooming salons are very busy places and typically don’t get cleaned until the workday is over. That means your pet could be exposed to a plethora of germs from other animals. This is a not a good scenario for a pet who already has special health needs.

Summary – Mobile pet groomers clean their rigs after each animal is serviced. This cuts down on the exposure of germs to your dog or cat.

Mobile Pet Grooming Has No Wait Times

If you’ve ever been to a traditional grooming salon, you’ve probably had to wait in a waiting room with other clients. For some dogs and cats, this isn’t that big of a deal. However, the special needs pet may find being in a waiting room with unfamiliar scents and sounds to be stressful. If there are aggressive pets present, your poor animal may become overly frightened.

Your pet will never have to experience a waiting room with a mobile pet grooming service. Mobile pet groomers schedule exact time slots for their clients. Because mobile groomers are dedicated to one family at a time, your pet won’t have to deal with being around other dogs or cats.

Summary – The mobile pet groomer comes to you during a time you’ve both agreed upon. Your pet will never have to experience sitting in a waiting room with other animals that may upset them or cause anxiety.

mobile pet grooming

No Multi-Tasking Employees

In some situations. Multi-tasking is a great skill to have. Pet grooming is not one of them. A grooming salon is often very busy with many clients. This means that pets may be exposed to hands-free techniques such as crating or cage drying. The special needs pet may find these processes to be extremely uncomfortable.

Mobile pet grooming focuses on your pet, alone. There aren’t multiple animals to keep an eye on, therefore, there won’t be any reason to use hands-free techniques on your dog or cat.

Summary – Your pet will never be subjected to multi-tasking employees who need to execute hands-free processes, when serviced by a mobile pet groomer.

Designed With The Special Needs Pet In Mind

Pet grooming may sound easy, but it truly is a skill not all animal owners have. Mobile pet groomers have equipped themselves with the proper knowledge and training to effectively service the special needs pet. They have the right soaps, tools, and set up for your dog or cat.

Professional pet groomers also have the patience to deal with special needs animals, especially when the dog or cat becomes frightened or aggressive. These skills keep your pet safe, which is more important than anything.

Summary – Your pet will have a better experience with a mobile pet groomer versus you grooming them yourself.

Contact Our Professional Mobile Pet Grooming Service For An Exceptional Experience

Your pet is a family member. Please know that our staff fully understands this. Our goal is to treat your dog or cat just like they were one of our own. Our experienced mobile pet groomers strive to provide the best grooming services possible for your special needs animal. We take the time to make sure both you and your pet are comfortable with our methods.

We know that finding the perfect pet grooming service is an important aspect of responsible pet ownership. Building relationships with our clients is essential, as trust is everything. We take pride in creating a safe, sanitary space for your furry family member to be pampered.

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