The Benefits of Using a Pet Salon for Cat Grooming

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As most devoted cat owners know, feline companions need grooming just as much as other animals. It helps distribute natural oils and reduces the amount of hair they swallow. However, busy pet parents often have little time for this needed attention, so many use a local pet salon such as Lucky Dawg Salon Pet Grooming. These professionals offer animal-friendly salons as well as mobile and self-wash options.

Furry Family Members Enjoy Spa Days

Just like their owners, many feline companions enjoy being pampered. That is often because the animal lovers who work at salons go out of their way to make necessary cat grooming as much fun as possible for their guests. The best shops avoid cages or crates and help cats remain calm. Both male and female stylists are available to shampoo and condition guests. They trim their nails, clean their ears and clip paw hair. Of course, professionals make sure that pets get fresh new hairstyles. Salons can remove loose undercoat hair, de-mat coats and remove fleas or skunk odors. They also offer fashionable extras like feather extensions, coloring, temporary designs, and even bling jewelry.

Mobile Salons Serve Cats and Owners

Busy clients can schedule private mobile styling sessions for their cats. Stylists arrive in fully-equipped vans and offer guests one-on-one service. Grooming takes about an hour, so clients can have their pets shampooed during lunchtime, without having the bother dropping off or picking them up. Some pet owners also like mobile services because only one pet at a time is styled, so there are no other animals to make them nervous or excited. The vans are also impeccably clean and designed to provide a soothing experience.

Self-Wash Services Offer Solutions

Pet salons may also offer self-service washing areas that include all of the supplies owners need to groom their cats. They pay a very affordable charge to use stations that include shampoo, conditioner, aprons, rubber gloves and styling tools. Self-service is especially convenient, since it is usually available on the weekends.

Cat owners who want the best for their pets often rely on pet grooming salons. The businesses provide fun environments as they carefully clean and style cats. Some also offer mobile services and may even have self-service stations with everything that owners need to groom their pets.

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