Tips for Keeping Your Cat Happy and Healthy

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Owning a cat can be a joy. They are independent, playful companions that can bring great comfort to almost anyone. Although very independent, a cat still needs regular care to maintain health and happiness. A cat can be a great housemate and also can keep rodents out of the home. When planning to adopt a cat for one’s home, some simple tips can help make the transition easier for everyone. In addition, some simple cat grooming and health tips can make their stay a long, healthy and rewarding one.

First, provide the new cat or kitten a place of their own until they can adjust to the move. This should be a small area with food, water and a litter box. There should also be a comfortable place for them to hide and sleep. It is suggested to add an area for the owner to sit, so that there is regular interaction with the new cat. If possible, it is best to continue using the same food they always ate. If unable, mix the food they are used to with the new for a few weeks. This will make it easier for them to change. It is also strongly recommended to take the cat or kitten to the vet within the first week. This provides a thorough check-up for the cat, as well as provide any needed vaccinations. It can also be a great time to plan or schedule spaying or neutering the cat.

Regularly brushing a cat can keep their coat and skin healthy, as well as reduce shedding and hairballs. It can also provide an easy method for identifying lumps, fleas, or injuries. Providing a scratching post for the cat is also a necessity. This allows them to keep their nails trimmed without ruining furniture. However, extra trimming may be necessary to ensure the nails do not grow into their paws. Many pet grooming services can handle this task, as well as other needed services for the furry friend. It is also important to plan regular play time with the cat or kitten. This will build social skills and comfort to the cat. These steps can help make owning a cat, a healthy and rewarding experience.

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