Why Cats Need Pet Grooming Services Too

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It is common for pet owners to bring in their dogs for grooming, but are less likely to take advantage of this type of service for their cats. Even though cat grooming may not be as popular as dog grooming, it is still a valuable service that cat owners should consider. It can help to keep their felines happier, healthier and smelling better.

Probably the main reason why people do not worry about grooming their cats is because of how fastidious these animals already are. Unlike many dogs whose happiness level often seems to be in perfect alignment with how odorous they are, cats are more particular about their care. However, even the most determined cat could use a little assistance with their cleaning routine now and then.

Regular grooming reduces the risk of flea infestations. The little pests can be discovered earlier, and eliminated before they become a problem. Shedding is another issue that can be problematic for a cat. During the spring and fall, when the most shedding occurs, cats can ingest a lot of fur. This leads to digestive issues and the least pleasant cat owner experience, hairballs. Grooming services also clean ears and trim their nails, something that most cats are not able to manage well on their own.

Older, heavier and long-haired cats all find self-grooming difficult. Older cats and those with more girth are not always able to reach everywhere on their bodies. Some senior cats may even lose interest in good grooming. Cats with long hair are often unable to remove items like a burdock or waste matter from their fur. Sometime the fur can tangle and become matted as well.

Another reason to consider pet grooming services is because of allergies. Regular grooming helps to remove dander from the pet. This can make people with cat allergies more comfortable around the pets. The home will also be cleaner because there will be less fur shed on carpets and furnishings.

How often a cat needs to be professionally groomed will depend on the cat, and the owner. If they are brushed regularly at home, most long haired cats can be kept looking and smelling their best with a monthly professional grooming. Cats with short hair often only need an appointment every three or four months. If they are older, unwell or have had the misfortune of meeting up with a skunk, additional appointments may be required.

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