4 Essential Tips For Grooming Your Cat

cat grooming

I don’t know about you, but swimming with sharks or cliff jumping sounds less dangerous than attempting to bathe and groom a cat. All of you cat lovers out there can understand what I’m talking about.

Besides, cats groom themselves right? Why even bother going through the trouble? Though they are relatively clean and low maintenance, even cats get the point where a sandpaper tongue just isn’t going to cut it.

When that time comes, you’ll need to be ready. With the right environment and procedures, cat grooming doesn’t have to be a horrible experience.

Keep reading while I highlight four essential cat grooming tips.

Trim The Claws

This is probably the most important tip depending on how well equipped you are at handling pain. If you don’t want to get badly scratched, trimming the claws is essential.

The cat will handle this better if its something that you have done consistently from an early age, however, if that is not the case, an older cat still will have the ability to grow accustomed to this process.

The idea is to be firm and calm. Grip the cat between your legs for stability and press down onto the pad of his or her paw. After the claws are exposed, use a special nail trimmer to quickly cut off the top part of the claw (the clear curved part).

The Correct Way To Brush

After the claws are sufficiently clipped, and you feel a little less endangered, it is time to brush the cat.

Our tip? Make sure that you brush your cat the same way you would pet it. Try to keep the motions and pressure the same and a firm hand. Be persistent and gentle, because a cats skin is very sensitive.

If your cat is getting too irritable, take a break. You want to ensure a positive experience to help with future grooming.

Stress-Free Bath Time

The moment we all have been dreading, the most stressful part of cat grooming (for both the cat AND you). Bath Time.

Bathing a cat is very important, especially for older or injured cats who aren’t as capable of cleaning themselves.

What do we suggest? Allow your cat to have as much control as possible.

1. Never immerse them completely in water. It’s better to pour warm water over the cat.

2. Place a mat or an old towel underneath them so they can have stability and grip.

3. Be gentle but firm, its probably a good idea to do this with another person who can hold onto the cat while you wash him or her.

Cleaning The Ears And Eyes

The biggest advice would be to use a cotton ball, never a swabbing stick. A stick might injure the eyes or ears if your cat jerks away while wiping excess wax or eye residue.

Again, restrain the cat firmly but remain calm and gentle. The cat will feed off of your energy.

Cat Grooming Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

Owning a cat is a pretty low maintenance job. They are usually independent, tidy and can take care of themselves.

However, just like our human companions, it never hurts to have a little help. If you remember those simple tips, you can make your grooming experience simple and stress-free.

Still not sure you want to go through the process? Check out our cat grooming services at Lucky Dawg Salon. Feel free to contact us if you have any more questions regarding the ins and outs of cat grooming.

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