5 Ways Regular Pet Grooming Keeps Your Pet Healthy

Pet Health

Pet grooming is an $8 billion industry. Grooming your pet cuts down on pet dander and dust in your home and keeps your pet clean and tidy. But many people are unaware that regularly grooming your pet also helps them stay healthy.

Here are some ways regular pet grooming will help keep your pet in tip-top shape:

1. Preventing Matting

Have you ever had your hair caught, or had a ponytail that was too tight? This uncomfortable feeling is how your pet feels when they have a matted coat. And they’ll often have that feeling in many different parts of their body.

By ensuring that your pet is regularly groomed, you’ll be able to keep an eye out for any injuries, bumps, and lumps. That means you can quickly show your vet if you or your grooming service find any worrying masses, and potentially detect cancer at the earliest stages- saving your pet’s life.

2. Preventing Overgrown Nails

Not only do thick nails look horrible, but they often cause discomfort for your pet and can even be painful. Sometimes, overgrown nails will cause enough discomfort that your pet begins to walk in a different way to take pressure off the painful spots. That can cause a walking deformity.

Ensuring that your pet’s nails are constantly clipped and filed will prevent them from facing these problems and keep them comfortable.

3. Removing Long Hair

Long hair is a leading cause of discomfort amongst pets. When hair is overgrown, it can get in your pet’s eyes, blurring their vision and causing permanent eye problems.

When your pet has long hair (particularly in the summer) they can get hot and itchy. Imagine walking around with a coat on in the middle of July- pretty uncomfortable right?

When pet hair is left to grow too long, your pets can end up with skin problems and infections.

4. Brushing Teeth

It may seem like getting your pet’s teeth brushed is an unlikely feat, but vets agree that it’s crucial for great health.

While your groomers may offer teeth brushing, you should also be brushing your pet’s teeth at least twice a week.

You can pick up toothbrush kits at pet stores. You’ll need to use special pet toothpaste as human toothpaste can upset your pet’s stomach. Oral hygiene will mean your pet’s teeth and gums will stay healthy. When pets have sore or infected mouths or teeth, they will often go off their food, leading to weight loss, so be sure to brush regularly.

5. Avoiding Ear Infections

Pets, particularly dogs, need to have their ears regularly cleaned. Some dogs and breeds are prone to ear infections. Many dogs also have hair in their ears which sometimes needs to be groomed.

Ensuring that your pet’s ears are kept clean will help prevent ear mites, ear infections, and other problems.

Ready for Pet Grooming?

Regular pet grooming will keep your pet comfortable and allow you to spot any issues as soon as they arise. You’ll also stay on top of any potential issues and keep your pet as healthy as possible.

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