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Reasons Your Cat May Not Be Grooming Itself & How You Can Help

Reasons Your Cat May Not Be Grooming Itself & How You Can Help

Unlike dogs, cats tediously clean their coats from head to toe. They are experts at cleaning themselves and love keeping their coats spotless and tidy. It’s one of their main hobbies. But what happens when your cat’s self-grooming becomes a problem?

Sometimes, cats will stop grooming themselves out of nowhere, and you may suddenly notice that your cat constantly has dirty feet or doesn’t smell very good. You may wonder why this is happening, and what you can do to help.

Why Your Cat May Not Be Grooming Themselves

While it may be alarming when your cat stops grooming itself, it’s important to make sure to assess the situation to determine the cause, and then you can take appropriate action. A visit or call with the veterinarian is always a good idea, so that you can get a professional eye on the situation.

There are many ways to detect why your cat is not grooming itself on their own. The most common reasons why cats stop grooming themselves or groom themselves less are:

You have a senior cat.

Senior cats have special grooming needs. Just like people, cats have issues as they age, and their grooming is affected by it. They have physical changes, like arthritis and overgrown claws and are more prone to dental disease. Senior cats often clean themselves less often or even completely stop, which results in odor, hair matting, and other issues.

Your cat is ill.

If a cat has fallen ill or is in pain of any kind, it may be less interested in grooming itself. When a cat is ill, they have detectable changes in habits, such as increased sleeping, eating less, or a change in litter box use. If a cat has gum disease, you will be able to see tooth decay or smell bad breath. Gum disease makes grooming uncomfortable, which can result in grooming less or not at all. Your cat may also have a bone or joint disorder that causes them to ignore certain spots.

After you’ve kept an eye on your cat’s behavioral changes for a while, contact your vet with your results and see what you need to do next.

Your cat is overweight.

Do you know how much your cat weighs? When a cat is overweight, it can have trouble reaching certain parts of its body and may stop attempting to groom these areas anymore. If you need to get your cat weighed to help determine if this is the cause of their grooming issues, contact your vet to make an appointment.

In any case, a cat’s weight can be controlled by switching to a healthier food and controlling portions. This can help ease their grooming issues and get them back in shape.

Your cat may have never learned.

Some cats have grooming issues from the start of life. When separated with their mother too early, they may have not developed the skills to properly groom themselves throughout life. In this case, you’ll likely need to help with your cat’s grooming regularly, but they may catch on as you do so.

Summary: When cats stop grooming themselves, there are a few common reasons. It may be because you have a senior cat, or your cat might be ill. It also may be because your cat is overweight, or they may have never learned how to groom themselves properly as a kitten. In any case, it’s a great idea to take your cat to the vet for a medical analysis.


How To Help Your Cat With Grooming


Bathing is a great for your cat, if your cat is having grooming problems or if they’re not. You’ll be able to spot any fleas or ticks that might be present and get a closer look at the coat to detect any abnormalities.


Daily or regular brushing of your cat’s hair can help eliminate matting, which can make your cat uncomfortable. It will help new hair growth and help bring back your cat’s natural skin oils. Your cat may really enjoy the feeling of being brushed

Trim Their Nails

When your cat’s nails are trimmed, they are free from pain and discomfort of overgrown nails, just like people. Since most house cats don’t run around on concrete daily, your cat won’t wear its own nails out, so owners can easily help with grooming in this area.

Ear Washing

To keep infections at bay, regularly wash your cat’s ears with ear cleaner, which helps clear out any buildup and sanitize inner ears. In addition, you’ll keep them free from ear mites, which can be a recurring problem in some cats.

Schedule A Vet Visit

When your cat is having trouble grooming on a regular basis, there may be an underlying issue at hand that needs to be dealt with by your vet. You can get a plan for getting your pet back to good health, and you can have peace of mind knowing that your cat is getting any major issue at hand taken care of.

Summary: There are many ways that you can help a cat that is having trouble grooming themselves, including bathing them, brushing their coat regularly, trimming their nails, washing their ears, and scheduling a vet visit.


Experience Our Professional Cat Grooming Services

Lucky Dawg Pet Services offers both salon pet grooming and mobile pet grooming services for your cat, and we’d love to pamper him or her at your convenience. We’re a family owned and operated pet grooming salon that’s been in business for over 20 years. Our personal and friendly staff is ready to love on your cat and make them feel at home in our salon.

Not only will we expertly and efficiently groom your cat, we’ll also help you detect any problems that we see during the service, and the service will take only two hours or less.

Whether you’d like your cat to receive our bath service, our bath with tidy up service, our bath with a haircut and style service, or any of our additional services, your precious feline will feel refreshed and better than ever after our visit.

Summary: Lucky Dawg Pet Services is a family owned and operated provider of pet grooming services, both in our salon and through our mobile grooming service. We have a wide range of grooming options to fit your needs and budget, and we’d love to pamper your cat anytime.

Let Us Help Your Cat With Grooming Today

Our salon is open 7 days/week from 8 am to 5 pm to fit your busy schedule. To set up a mobile grooming appointment in the convenience of your home, call 310-784-0566, or to set up a salon grooming appointment, call 310-784-0775. You can also contact us through our website form anytime! We look forward to serving you and your cat.

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Special Needs Pets: Benefits Of Mobile Pet Grooming

Special Needs Pets: Benefits Of Mobile Pet Grooming

Meeting the grooming needs of your furry family member is a vital part of being a responsible pet owner. However, this basic task can be quite burdensome if your pet has anxiety issues. Some dogs and cats have health issues that grooming can exacerbate. They can become stressed and overwhelmed which makes the grooming process a major ordeal.

Loading your anxiety-ridden dog or cat into the car, driving them to the groomers, and knowing that the experience is going to be hard on them is worrisome. What if you didn’t have to put yourself and your pet through that? You’ll be happy to know that mobile pet grooming is an option.

In this article, we are going to focus on some of the benefits of mobile pet grooming and why it may be ideal for your four-legged friend. Some people discover that this method of pet care is far more convenient, too. There are quite a few perks to having the groomer come to you versus you going to them.

We want you to be aware of why the benefits of seeing a mobile pet groomer are so great, especially if your pet has special needs. Making the right grooming choice for your dog or cat can make a world of difference in their stress levels, as well as your own.

Eliminates Putting Your Pet In An Unfamiliar Environment

Some pets don’t like leaving their home. The act of putting them into the car can trigger anxiety so severe that your dog or cat becomes severely stressed. Even if you repeatedly take your pet to the same salon for grooming services, the experience may only marginally improve. There are many reasons for this, such as the chaos and noise in a busy grooming salon.

Mobile pet grooming can truly help your furry friend to feel more at ease. For one, your animal doesn’t have to leave the comforts of his own driveway. The familiar scents of his surroundings will be present, and this tends to set a special needs pet’s mind at ease. Plus, there are no other animals lurking around in your pet’s space.

Summary – Mobile pet grooming prevents your animal from having to leave their familiar territory. This reduces stress and anxiety associated with leaving the home.

mobile pet grooming

Mobile Pet Grooming Reduces Transportation Stress

If your pet deals with physical limitations, transportation can be a huge obstacle for him. For instance, if your dog has hind leg or back pain, getting in and out of a vehicle can trigger additional health problems. Your pet will undoubtedly associate riding in the car with pain, and this will cause problems for both the dog and the human.

If your pet is sick or a senior, mobile pet grooming can be a wonderful option versus traveling to a salon. Man’s best friend won’t have to climb into any vehicles, deal with motion sickness, or any other physically distressing situations.

Summary – If your pet is elderly or ill, car rides can be painful. Mobile pet groomers come to your dog, so there won’t be any transportation necessary. This eliminates physical stress from happening.

Safe, Sanitary Conditions

Often times, mobile pet groomers only work with one family at a time. Professional groomers will generally clean their trucks after each session with a pet. This means that your dog or cat will be groomed in a clean, sanitary environment that has not been contaminated by other animals.

Grooming salons are very busy places and typically don’t get cleaned until the workday is over. That means your pet could be exposed to a plethora of germs from other animals. This is a not a good scenario for a pet who already has special health needs.

Summary – Mobile pet groomers clean their rigs after each animal is serviced. This cuts down on the exposure of germs to your dog or cat.

Mobile Pet Grooming Has No Wait Times

If you’ve ever been to a traditional grooming salon, you’ve probably had to wait in a waiting room with other clients. For some dogs and cats, this isn’t that big of a deal. However, the special needs pet may find being in a waiting room with unfamiliar scents and sounds to be stressful. If there are aggressive pets present, your poor animal may become overly frightened.

Your pet will never have to experience a waiting room with a mobile pet grooming service. Mobile pet groomers schedule exact time slots for their clients. Because mobile groomers are dedicated to one family at a time, your pet won’t have to deal with being around other dogs or cats.

Summary – The mobile pet groomer comes to you during a time you’ve both agreed upon. Your pet will never have to experience sitting in a waiting room with other animals that may upset them or cause anxiety.

mobile pet grooming

No Multi-Tasking Employees

In some situations. Multi-tasking is a great skill to have. Pet grooming is not one of them. A grooming salon is often very busy with many clients. This means that pets may be exposed to hands-free techniques such as crating or cage drying. The special needs pet may find these processes to be extremely uncomfortable.

Mobile pet grooming focuses on your pet, alone. There aren’t multiple animals to keep an eye on, therefore, there won’t be any reason to use hands-free techniques on your dog or cat.

Summary – Your pet will never be subjected to multi-tasking employees who need to execute hands-free processes, when serviced by a mobile pet groomer.

Designed With The Special Needs Pet In Mind

Pet grooming may sound easy, but it truly is a skill not all animal owners have. Mobile pet groomers have equipped themselves with the proper knowledge and training to effectively service the special needs pet. They have the right soaps, tools, and set up for your dog or cat.

Professional pet groomers also have the patience to deal with special needs animals, especially when the dog or cat becomes frightened or aggressive. These skills keep your pet safe, which is more important than anything.

Summary – Your pet will have a better experience with a mobile pet groomer versus you grooming them yourself.

Contact Our Professional Mobile Pet Grooming Service For An Exceptional Experience

Your pet is a family member. Please know that our staff fully understands this. Our goal is to treat your dog or cat just like they were one of our own. Our experienced mobile pet groomers strive to provide the best grooming services possible for your special needs animal. We take the time to make sure both you and your pet are comfortable with our methods.

We know that finding the perfect pet grooming service is an important aspect of responsible pet ownership. Building relationships with our clients is essential, as trust is everything. We take pride in creating a safe, sanitary space for your furry family member to be pampered.

To schedule an appointment, contact us here or call Lucky Dawg Pet Grooming Salon at 310-784-0566.

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Salon Or Mobile Grooming: Which Is The Best Fit For You And Your Furry Friend?

Salon Or Mobile Grooming: Which Is The Best Fit For You And Your Furry Friend?

Pet grooming refers to both the hygienic care and cleaning of your cat or dog through bathing, hair removal, and nail clipping. Grooming is an essential part in keeping your pet happy and healthy and improves your pet’s lifespan. Regular grooming helps keep your dog or cat comfortable and promotes a positive well-being. How often your pet should be groomed depends on a few factors, including its breed, age, and health. If your breed of pet tends to shed quite frequently, they may require grooming more often than other breeds.

Washing your pet in the tub may not be the best option for you. If this is the case, finding a good pet groomer should be a priority. While we all want our pets to look and smell their best, what is most important is their safety and happiness. The grooming process typically includes a bath, haircut, brushing, and styling. Investing in regular grooming for your furry friend is important for a number of reasons. More specifically, pet grooming is beneficial in that it:

• maintains a healthy coat and skin

• reduces shedding with shiny, healthy and properly brushed coats

• promotes the overall cleanliness of the pet to look and smell great

• reinforces healthy foot structure and posture and reduces the risk of infection with regular nail trims

• monitors the health of your pet by checking for cuts, swellings, lameness, or changes in temperament, which could indicate illness or disease

• allows for early detection of issues with ears, skin, and teeth

• decreases the chance of your pet developing various health problems, particularly skin infections, diseases, and dandruff

• reduces the infestation load of external parasites on skin

When it comes to pet grooming, there are multiple options you can choose from for your furry friend. But which one is the best fit for your pet? Many pet grooming facilities provide a safe, stress-free experience. Trained groomers are attentive to each individual pet’s needs and allow for frequent rest breaks if the pet requires it. Let’s compare the benefits of salon style grooming to mobile pet grooming to help you decide which option is right for you and your dog or cat.


Why Choose Salon Pet Grooming

When trying to find a trustworthy dog or cat groomer, you have lots of options. Salon pet grooming is a great option for many reasons and one of them is cost. Because mobile groomers come directly to you, they can charge more than the average grooming salon and may even add an hourly convenience fee. Another benefit is the physical space. Salons have visible environments that allow pet owners to see that their furry friends are being treated well. If your pet is not responding well to their assigned groomer, other professionally trained groomers will be close on hand to step in and help put your dog or cat at ease.

When you check out a grooming salon for the first time, be sure to review the credentials of the groomers, including their certifications to know about their training and experience. A qualified groomer will have knowledge in safety procedures as well, including health and hygiene practices, animal handling techniques, behavior management, and first aid. Carefully check out the salon to make sure it is clean, tidy, and odor free. Ask yourself if you feel comfortable leaving your pet in this environment. If you have any reservations about how your pet may be handled at the salon, find a facility that will allow you to stay and watch in an effort to alleviate your pet’s stress.

In comparison to mobile grooming, which may only take an hour or so, salon grooming takes quite a bit more time to complete the process. A typical grooming session lasts three to four hours, which includes a break to play or just hang out. The long stay can sometimes cause a lot of stress, particularly for an older pet. It may be because of the strange, unfamiliar environment or being around other cats or dogs.


Why Choose Mobile Pet Grooming

During your regular commute to work or to the grocery store, you may have noticed mobile grooming vans driving throughout your city. With the cute pictures of fluffy dogs and cats displayed on these vehicles, you may have been drawn in and considered if this style of pet grooming is right for you. So what are the benefits and drawbacks of using mobile groomers?

Mobile services provide convenience and quality. Mobile grooming is easy to use in that the groomer comes directly to you. Additionally, mobile groomers may offer early morning, late night, or weekend appointments that many traditional salons don’t offer. Pets are cared for one at a time and receive individualized attention from the groomer. Your pet will never spend any time in a cage and will never have to put up with scary kennel dryers surrounded by other loud and intimidating pets. Many pets become anxious or agitated when in close proximity to other animals. With mobile grooming, this isn’t an issue. Another added benefit is that while some pets experience separation anxiety when left at a salon or become anxious or car sick while traveling to the salon appointment, mobile grooming eliminates this concern.

Instead of seeing a different groomer each time, mobile grooming allows for your pet to see the same groomer on each visit, which builds trust and overall comfort. The professional pet groomer can easily add the personal touch of welcoming your dog or cat by name as soon as you see the mobile van pull up to your home or workplace.

Similar to salon grooming, it is also recommended that pet owners thoroughly inspect the mobile van before choosing to go with this option. Vans will have windows all around so owners can easily watch their dog or cat throughout the grooming process.

While mobile pet grooming provides a convenient and easy way to get your furry friend smelling and looking their best, the service isn’t for everyone. If you’re searching for a professional pet groomer in your area, first evaluate different salons and mobile groomers before deciding which is the best fit for your cat or dog.


Choosing The Best Fit For You And Your Furry Friend

After weighing both grooming options, you’ll need to choose the best fit for you and your pet. Each option has its own benefits and drawbacks. Consider which benefits are most important to you and your pet’s lifestyle. Your pet’s grooming needs will likely depend on its breed, age, and health. In particular, different dog breeds have their own specialized grooming needs.

Lucky Dawg Pet Services is a great option that offers both salon and mobile pet grooming services. Covering multiple areas within Torrance, California, find a service center near you and call to schedule an appointment for salon grooming (310) 784-0775 or mobile grooming (310) 784-0566. Lucky Dawg Salon Pet Grooming is a modern, spacious salon that takes care of both dogs and cats and avoids using cages, crates, and cage dryers. If you’re looking for the mobile option, Lucky Dawg Mobile Pet Grooming comes to your home or office at an agreed upon appointment time. Services last about 75 minutes and take place in fully equipped pet grooming vans. Your pet will be treated to a hydro surge infused shampoo bath, coat conditioner, hand dry, and brushing service.

5 Things Your Cat Is Trying To Communicate To You

5 Things Your Cat Is Trying To Communicate To You

Cat behavior may seem tricky to understand, but we can help you know your cat better. When you understand why your cat does the things they do, cat behavior seems like less of a mystery and starts to become a second language. Here are 5 things your cat is trying to communicate to you.

#1 – I’m Not Going Outside The Litter Box To Spite You

As a cat, I’m incapable of understanding spite. If I’m going anywhere other than the litter box, I’m not doing it to get back at you for some perceived slight – there is almost definitely another reason for my behavior. Some things that would cause me to stop using my litter box include:

  • The litter box hasn’t been cleaned in a while
  • I have a urinary tract infection
  • I’m in pain (this is especially common in cats that have been declawed)
  • I don’t like the location of the litter box because it’s too loud, too far away, too close to my food and water, or some other reason
  • The cover is trapping stinky fumes in the box with me
  • There aren’t enough litter boxes – there should be one for every cat in the house plus one spare available at all times
  • Another pet is keeping me away from the litter box
  • I don’t like the type of litter you use
  • Something made me afraid of the litter box, like diarrhea, constipation, or a loud boom of thunder


#2 – Cat Behavior Is More Complex Than You Might Expect

You may think I’m perfectly happy to stay home alone and sleep all day without much interaction with you, but the truth is that my cat behavior may indicate that I may be bored or suffering from separation anxiety. Here are some signs I might be bored:

  • I sleep too much. Cats sleep an average of 15 hours per day. If I can’t stay awake longer than it takes to eat, it might be because I’m bored and would appreciate some active playtime with you.
  • I eat too much (or not enough). If I’ve become chubby or you’ve had to limit how much you feed me every day, I may be eating just to pass the time.
  • I groom myself too much. If I’m developing bald spots from grooming myself too much, I may be bored. I also may be suffering pain or anxiety, so a trip to the vet is in order first before increasing my play time.
  • I’m destroying stuff. If I’ve started tearing up your curtains, unrolling toilet paper, or causing other sorts of mayhem, I’m just trying to keep myself entertained.

While you may think of dogs as suffering from separation anxiety, we cats can suffer from anxiety, too. Here are some signs I might have anxiety:

  • I’ve become destructive when I wasn’t before
  • I’m hiding more than usual
  • I’ve stopped using my litter box
  • I’m talking more than usual
  • I’m lethargic, shaky, or vomiting. These could also be signs of a health problem, so it’s time for a trip to the vet
  • I’m eating more or less than usual
  • I’m more active than usual and seem restless

#3 – I Wish You Would Appreciate The Dead “Gifts” I Bring You

You may think the dead creatures I bring you are gross, but to me, they’re presents to show how much I love you. I don’t understand why you scream and yell at me for bringing you food to thank you for your love, food, and shelter. Try thanking me and exchanging my gift for an appropriate kitty treat before disposing of my “gift.”


#4 – Cat Behavior 101: What My Tail, Meows, And Other Body Language Mean

Even though we can’t speak English, we cats have learned how to communicate with you. The trick is that you have to learn what our tail, meows, body language, and other cat behavior mean.


Adult cats don’t meow at other cats; they only meow at humans. What do my meows mean? According to a guest post on Psychology Today:

  • Short meow or a quick mew means “Hello”
  • Multiple meows at you are an excited greeting, like when you come home from work
  • Mid-pitch meow is a plea for food, attention, or something else
  • Drawn out meow is a demand, like “Let me out!”
  • Low pitch meow is a complaint
  • High pitch meow indicates pain or anger
Tail language:

You can tell a lot about what I’m thinking or feeling based on what my tail is doing:

  • Whipping my tail back and forth means I’m nervous and might be aggressive
  • Tapping tail means I’m not actually asleep; my eyes may be closed, but I’m aware of my surroundings
  • Downward curve in my tail means I’m feeling defensive. Approach with caution!
  • Straight up tail is a sign of aggression, especially when accompanied by hissing
  • Straight up with a hook means I’m friendly. I’m probably rubbing against your leg right now.
  • Low or neutral tail means that I’m relaxed and approachable
Other cat behavior body language:

Cats behavior is pretty complex. Some other body language to pay attention to includes:

  • Ears straight up mean I’m happy, playful, or listening to something
  • Ears folded backward are a sign of aggression and will often be accompanied by hissing
  • Ears flat against the head indicate fear, which can lead to aggression
  • Dilated (big) pupils may indicate fear, surprise, or the stimulant effect of catnip
  • Constricted (small) pupils may indicate aggression unless I’m in a particularly well-lit area
  • Slow blinking means I’m relaxed, comfortable, and trusting that my surroundings are safe
  • Droopy eyes also indicate that I’m relaxed and happy

#5 – I Need Something To Scratch

Scratching is a natural behavior that helps prevent my claws from getting too long, gives me a chance to stretch, and allows me to mark my territory because I have scent glands on my paws. If you don’t want me to scratch your furniture, please bring me a scratching post to use. There are many different types of scratching posts, and you may have to try a few different types and put catnip on them to get me to use it, but once I get used to the scratching post, I’ll leave your furniture alone.

Please don’t declaw me. The surgery is equivalent to cutting your fingers off at the first knuckle, and it can cause a lot of health and behavioral problems, like:

  • Refusing to use the litter box because the litter bothers my feet
  • Biting more because I don’t have nails to defend myself
  • Nerve damage
  • Foot or back pain


Bonus: Sometimes I Need Help With My Grooming

Even though I spend a lot of time grooming myself, sometimes I need help. If I’m shedding a lot or my long hair is getting matted, it may be time for a trip to the groomer. Lucky Dawg Grooming knows how to make me feel better when I need grooming.

You can make an appointment for me to come to their grooming salon in Torrance, CA by calling 310-784-0775. Better yet, have their mobile grooming van come to our house, so you don’t have to drive me in the car, and make an appointment by calling 310-784-0566.

How To Find The Best Dog Grooming Facility And Groomer For Your Pup

How To Find The Best Dog Grooming Facility And Groomer For Your Pup

Trusting a stranger to groom your dog can be scary. After all, accidents can happen, and occasionally those accidents result in tragedy. On the other hand, grooming your dog yourself can be difficult, so there comes a time when it’s necessary to trust somebody else with your pup’s life.

How can you find the best dog grooming facility and specific dog groomer for your pup? Even a great groomer might not be right for your dog, and even a classy salon may not be the best environment.

Here are a few tips to help you research various dog grooming facilities to find the best place and person for your fur child.

Ask Around

Asking for recommendations is better than picking a place at random. Ask your friends and family where they get their dogs groomed. If you see a beautiful dog out and about, ask the owner where they take their dog for grooming. Don’t forget to check online reviews, too.

It’s also a good idea to call or visit multiple grooming facilities to get an idea of what to expect in your area. Pricing, experience level, and the quality of the facilities may vary quite a bit from location to location. It’s easier to recognize a good grooming salon after you’ve seen one that’s less than desirable.

Talk To The Groomer

Nothing beats talking to groomers directly. You can find out a lot about how they may treat your dog and what quality of grooming you can expect from them just by talking to them. Here are a few things you should discuss with any potential groomer:

dog grooming facility

Do you have any certifications? There are no national licensing or certification laws for dog groomers. Some states have licensing requirements, but those are often just for the facility and don’t cover any grooming skill.

There are organizations that offer optional groomer certification such as the National Dog Groomers Association. Groomers must pass written and practical exams to prove their knowledge and skill, often on their own time and at their own expense. You can be sure a groomer who puts in the effort to pursue certification is dedicated to their craft.

How much experience do you have? Everybody is a new dog groomer at some point, but lack of experience can lead to a higher likelihood of mistakes. Dog grooming also tends to have a high turnover rate.

Try to find a dog groomer with at least three to five years of experience. That’s somebody who has groomed just about every breed of dog and handled most types of problems.

How do you handle old/scared/aggressive/difficult dogs? Some groomers are great with average dogs, but it takes a special level of skill to deal with some types of dogs. If a groomer hesitates too much when answering this question, they may not be as comfortable with these types of dogs. If your dog has special issues, you want somebody who can confidently explain what things they do to make grooming go smoothly for all dogs.

What does the price include? Some salons include things like nail grinding, tooth-brushing, or bows or bandanas as part of the base price, while others charge separately for things they consider “extra services.” Be sure you know what is included and what surprise charges you might wind up with (such as an extra brushing fee for a matted dog or a difficult dog fee for one who tries to bite).

How are appointments scheduled? Each grooming facility handles scheduling differently.

Some salons schedule only one dog at a time for a groomer, which allows the groomer to focus on just that dog and finish the grooming within an hour or two. Many dogs will thrive with this schedule, but some dogs are afraid of the dryer and may be stressed out by the speed of the grooming.

Some grooming facilities do block scheduling, where each groomer has several dogs come in at the same time. The groomer will wash and partially dry each dog, letting them spend time drying in a kennel while working on other dogs. Dogs typically spend 3-5 hours at the salon. This type of scheduling works well for dogs who are terrified of the dryer but isn’t a good fit for dogs who hate being in a kennel or are sensitive to being around a lot of other barking dogs.

Other groomers do cattle call scheduling, where every dog for the whole day comes in at once, like during a one-hour period in the morning. Dogs are groomed one at a time and may be there the entire day. This type of schedule is convenient for people who want to drop off their dog before work and pick them up afterward.

dog grooming facility

What types of dryers do you use? High-velocity dryers are great for blasting undercoat out of double-coated dogs, but they may be scary and unnecessary for small dogs without much hair. Fluff dryers are good for small dogs with fine hair but will take forever on dogs with thick double coats. Kennel dryers are gentle on nervous dogs but should never be heated.

Will my dog spend any time in a kennel? This is important to know if you have a dog who is afraid of or dislikes spending time in a kennel, especially since there may be dozens of other dogs barking in nearby kennels.

Check Out The Facility

Does the grooming salon or  mobile grooming van look and smell clean? Is there hair from more than one dog under each table? Is it loud with the sound of many dryers blowing and dogs barking? Does it look like the facility is well-maintained?

If the salon allows you to take a tour of the entire facility, take advantage of the opportunity, but keep in mind that some places forbid this for safety reasons.

Trust Your Gut

Even if everything seems to be OK, you may get a gut feeling that a facility or groomer might not be the right fit for your dog. A groomer is going to be using sharp scissors and clippers on your fur child, so you want to be comfortable with the person you trust with their grooming.

dog grooming facility

Stick With One Groomer

Once you find a groomer who does a great job with your dog, you should continue to schedule appointments with that groomer. This is for several reasons.

For starters, dogs love routine. Each groomer has their own routine, so seeing the same groomer every time allows your dog to learn what to expect and when, which helps them relax during the grooming process.

Another reason to stay with one groomer is that they can notice changes in your dog that you may miss. A dog groomer will have their hands on every inch of your dog. That makes it easy to spot any changes that have sprung up in your dog between appointments, whether it’s a new lump or bump or a behavioral change that could indicate pain or a health problem.

Last, finding the best groomer for your dog can be a bit of a trial. Once you find that groomer, why repeat that process the next time your dog gets groomed? Even if you stay at the same grooming salon, your dog won’t necessarily “click” with every groomer there.

Contact Lucky Dawg Pet Service Today To Find Out If We’re The Best Dog Grooming Option For Your Pup!

With both a full-service salon and a fleet of mobile grooming vans, we can accommodate most pups. Our groomers all have lots of experience, and we’re members of the National Dog Groomers Association. 99% of the time, we can finish grooming your dog in 2 hours or less.

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