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Common Mistakes To Avoid When Grooming Your Dog

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Grooming Your Dog

Regular grooming is crucial for any pet. Just like with humans, grooming is essential for your dog’s overall health. The grooming process helps your dog get rid of excess hair, which will improve their overall coat, and result in less shedding and dander in your house. Grooming also helps bring their natural skin oils to the surface, resulting in a better overall physical appearance. However, there are common mistakes that lots of owners make. Let’s look at those common dog grooming mistakes and how to avoid them.

Mistake One: Not Being Consistent With Your Dog’s Grooming

Owners mistakenly think that dogs only need grooming at certain times of the year. Or that dogs only need grooming when their fur looks like it needs it. This is a common mistake and one that owners can easily correct. Getting your dog on a set schedule with grooming is helpful for everyone. Think of grooming as an additional piece of your dog’s overall training.

Taking your dog on regular trips to the groomer helps them get used to going on outings and interacting with people. This can help them recognize that there is nothing scary about the groomer. The more familiar your dog becomes with grooming, the less stress and anxiety he or she will feel about the process. Also remember, grooming is a year-round activity. While a dog may need a more in-depth grooming session as the seasons’ change, visits to the groomer should happen on a regular year-round schedule.

Don’t forget to follow up scheduled grooming visits with regular brushing at home. This helps reinforce the message of grooming, and provides you with time to bond with your dog!

Mistake Two: Not Having The Correct Dog Grooming Tools At Home

As we mentioned in Mistake One, an owner should also groom their dog at home. Grooming isn’t just an activity for the dog spa, although there are several grooming activities best left to the professionals. But even basic grooming will be difficult to do, and potentially uncomfortable if you don’t have the proper tools at home.

Dogs have coats of varying lengths and thicknesses. Brushes and other tools are not a one-size-fits-all thing. Based on their coat, your dog will need different types of brushes. If you try to brush out their coat with the wrong tools, it could make your dog very uncomfortable. If a dog begins to associate discomfort with grooming, it will make the process very difficult for you—and any professional groomer you use. Purchase the right tools and use them correctly. Have your groomer help you determine which tools are the best for you to use at home.

Mistake Three: Using Too Much Soap During Bathtime

Every dog owner can relate to their canine friend getting into mud or something else and then needing an immediate bath. Where owners can make a mistake is using too much soap to clean off their friend. The amount of soap you need depends on the type of coat your dog has, the length of their fur, and how much dirt/debris they have in their fur. It’s better to use less soap than you think.

Start with a portion the size of a quarter. You can always add more if you need to. Excessive soap can take quite a bit of time to wash out of your dog’s coat. If your dog isn’t a big fan of bath time, to begin with, this could lead to a buildup of soap residue in their coat and extra stress on your pooch. Don’t forget to plug their ears with cotton balls as protection from the soap and water.

Mistake Three: Clipping Nails Too Close

Regular nail trims are also a part of your dog’s grooming. However, this task isn’t as easy as it looks. If an owner isn’t familiar with what to do, they can cut the nails too short. This can cause your dog a great deal of pain and even cause bleeding if the quick is cut. This can be upsetting for both the owner and the dog. Ask your groomer for tips and tricks on best practices for nail trimming. Even better, book a regular appointment with your groomer for nail trims instead.

Choose Lucky Dawg For All Your Dog Grooming Needs

Treat your furry family members to the best grooming services. Lucky Dawg has over twenty years of experience in both dog grooming and cat grooming. We offer a top-of-the-line experience in our salon, as well as mobile grooming options. Our mobile grooming van can come directly to your home for both the comfort and convenience of your pet. To learn more about us and see what we are doing in the community, follow us on Facebook, or contact us here.

Mobile Pet Grooming Is Perfect For Pets With Special Needs

Mobile Pet Grooming Is Perfect For Pets With Special Needs

At Lucky Dawg Pet Services, we love our pets with special needs, and we do everything we can to provide accommodations that help to support their comfort and well-being. If you have a pet with special needs, our mobile pet grooming services may be right for you.

Whether your pet’s individual needs are physical, emotional, or a combination of both, our mobile salons provide a comfortable and accommodating environment for your pet. Our professional groomers will give your four-legged family member the high-quality services, care, and attention that he or she deserves.

Mobile Salon Atmosphere

Our clients often want to know if they can tour our mobile salons, and our answer is always: Of course! We have photographs of our mobile salon vehicles posted on our website, and you are more than welcome to check out our grooming vans in person. Once you take a look at our grooming facility, you will be confident that your pet will feel safe and comfortable in our calm salon atmosphere.

We understand the importance of your pet’s bonding experiences. Although we have a fleet of mobile grooming vans and many groomers, if you and your pet are fond of a particular groomer, you can request to make future appointments with the same person. Pets often feel more relaxed when a familiar face greets them at the mobile salon door.

No Other Animals

When your pet steps into our mobile salon, there will not be any other animals present, which means no loud barking or meows that put your pet on edge. Some pets get nervous around other animals, especially when they are far from home. A quiet and comfortable environment is especially important for pets with special needs, and that is what our mobile pet grooming salon provides.

Additionally, your cat or dog will not be at risk for exposure to pests and infectious diseases from coming into contact with other animals. We clean and sanitize our vans after every grooming service, and your pet will not have to cross paths with any other cats or dogs during the mobile grooming experience.

Eliminate The Road Trip For Your Pet

Mobile pet grooming is often billed as a convenient time saver for those who would otherwise be driving their pets to the groomer and then hours later driving back for pick up. While it’s true that it may be convenient for you to have a pet groomer come to you, it is also convenient for your pet who will not have to travel for grooming services. Car rides are often a source of anxiety for pets, especially for those with special needs that typically have even more challenges when it comes to taking road trips.

The Best And Most Comfortable Services

Each mobile salon is a fully equipped van that allows our groomers to provide your pet with the best services possible. Clean, fresh water is pumped through a water heater to ensure that your dog has a warm and relaxing bath for deep cleansing. We have top of the line dryers that can be used at lower speeds for gentle drying and fluffing or at higher speeds for loosening and removing excess undercoat.

Efficient Grooming

Not only do we provide high-quality services in a comfortable atmosphere, but our mobile groomers are also efficient, completing most mobile grooming services in a little over an hour. Fast grooming services are especially good for cats and dogs with special needs to keep them from getting fatigued and agitated.

Organic Professional Shampoos

We offer a comprehensive range of quality shampoos and conditioners. Our products are organic and environmentally friendly, leaving your pet with a clean and healthy coat. We only use natural and safe products, which is especially important for cats and dogs with special needs and delicate conditions.

Pet Services Available In Our Mobile Salon

We can handle just about every service for your pet in our mobile salons, including the following:

  • Hydro surge infused bath, coat conditioning, hand dry, and brushing
  • Hairstyling, including bandanas and bows
  • Nail trim
  • Paw pad hair trim
  • Anal gland expression
  • Sanitary trim
  • De-matting coats
  • Shedless treatment
  • De-skunking/deodorizing
  • Flea relief
  • Teeth brushing
  • Dry, itchy skin treatments

Schedule A Mobile Pet Grooming Appointment

We know that there are challenges to caring for a special needs pet, and we want to make the grooming process easier and more accommodating for you both. Complete our online form or call us at 310-784-0566 to schedule a mobile pet grooming appointment. Follow our Facebook page for more information about our mobile salon and the services that we offer.

Benefits Of Mobile Cat Grooming

Benefits Of Mobile Cat Grooming

As cat owners, we want the best for our beloved four-legged family members—that’s why regular grooming should be a normal part of their care routine.

While pet grooming can be a stressful, overwhelming experience for our feline friends, several benefits come from utilizing the mobile cat grooming solutions at Lucky Dawg Pet Services. From increased comfort to more convenient scheduling, hiring a mobile cat groomer should be at the top of your ‘to-do list.’

Check out our top four reasons that mobile cat grooming is the best choice for you and your family.

Reason # 1: Convenience

When it comes to traditional pet grooming in a salon, scheduling and drop-offs can be a nightmare. With mobile cat grooming, on the other hand, our expert team of groomers will work diligently to accommodate your schedule and enhance your cat’s comfort.

You’ll avoid stressful drives to the salon, annoying waits, and time away from your home and family. When you enlist mobile pet grooming services, you’ll be able to get things done around your house while peacefully knowing your cat is well taken care of, just a few yards away.

Reason #2: Stress-Free Grooming Experiences

Many of our cats have difficulties with separation anxiety. After all, you and your family members are their favorite people!

By hiring a mobile pet grooming service like Lucky Dawg Pet Services, they won’t have to leave their safe space. There are other reasons, too, that a mobile salon can reduce the stress level in your cat, such as:

  • No Crating
  • No Loud Barking Animals
  • Access to Food and Water
  • Personal Attention During the Entire 75-Minute Grooming Experience

Reason #3: Better Relationships With Your Groomer

One of the top benefits with mobile cat grooming is the relationship you and your pet can build with the groomer themselves.

You can request to have the same groomer each visit. This option allows your cat to forge a long-lasting connection to their groomer, which minimizes the amount of stress and discomfort they’ll experience during their groom.

Reason # 4: Decreased Health And Safety Concerns

While most pet grooming salons are known for being clean and sterile, it’s impossible to guarantee your cat won’t come face-to-face with serious health concerns.

With mobile cat grooming, you can rest assured that your pet won’t come into contact with infectious diseases and parasites that other cats and dogs may be carrying. Grooming vans are kept exceptionally well-maintained and are thoroughly cleaned after each appointment to minimize the chances of one pet catching something from another.

Learn More About The Benefits Of Mobile Cat Grooming

If you want the best pet grooming situation for your feline friends, there’s no better option than reliable mobile cat grooming services from a qualified provider like Lucky Dawg Pet Services of Torrance.

From cleaner surroundings to enhanced pet comfort, you can feel confident that your cat is well taken care of by industry-leading technicians. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of mobile pet grooming, give us a call at 310-784-0566. Or, you can fill out our easy-to-use contact form for more information.

Would you like to stay up-to-date on our latest mobile cat grooming services in Torrance, CA? Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for even more information.

Pet Grooming: All The Benefits & Perks

Pet Grooming: All The Benefits & Perks

Both dogs and cats can benefit from professional pet grooming services. From feeling loved and cared for to preventing health problems, grooming is just an all-around great experience for your furry friend. Sure, you can always bathe your dog or cat by yourself, but what fun is that? Also, bathing a cat can be a bit of a tricky experience that is best left to the professionals.

Dropping your beloved pet off at the grooming salon can also be beneficial for you, too! It gives you a chance to run some errands, spend an hour or two with a friend, and takes the burden of pet grooming off your hands. Grooming services are great for the entire family for more than one reason.

Are There Benefits For Grooming Your Cat?

In short, – Yes! Cats are naturally self-grooming animals and do not need frequent grooming like dogs. However, a periodic professional pet grooming session is extremely beneficial for your cat. Some kitties simply aren’t great at grooming themselves, or they have medical issues that prohibit them from doing it at all.

Depending on the breed of cat that you have, some can have longer hair than others. The longer the hair, the more at risk your cat is of getting mats. A groomer can successfully comb out any existing mats and give your cat a healthy hair trim to prevent any further ones. When your cat has fewer mats, it will lead to a healthier, more comfortable coat.

Cats that experience professional grooming services are less apt to shed. This can be very beneficial to and your loved ones if any of you have allergies. Plus, less shedding means less pet hair to clean up in your home.

Cats can sometimes develop skin conditions or parasites that are often hard to see, especially if you don’t know what to look for. A professional groomer can spot these issues that can plague your cat’s health because they have a trained eye.

DIY Pet Grooming Your Dog Is Just As Good As Professional Grooming, Right?

In all honesty, no, it isn’t. Sure, you can give your good old boy (or girl) a bath in the family tub or with the garden hose to keep them clean in between professional grooms, but that doesn’t take the place of expert pet grooming services. Just like cats, your dog’s coat needs some serious TLC from a trained pet groomer who knows how to care for an assortment of breeds.

Dogs often require nail trims to keep their paws and nail beds healthy. Trying to trim your dog’s nails on your own can lead to all sorts of undesirable occurrences that range from clipping your dog’s skin to your dog becoming so agitated that they bite you. Yes, this can happen even if your dog is the least aggressive four-legged fur baby on the planet.

Pet grooming for your dog can give them a chance to socialize with other dogs and humans, too! This can be a fun and exciting time for your pet. Everyone needs new friends, and this includes the creatures of the animal kingdom. However, if your dog doesn’t do well around other dogs, simply tell your groomer so that arrangements can be made.

One of the biggest benefits of having your dog groomed is keeping them healthy. Sure, your pup will look and smell pretty after a fresh bath and fur trim, but your groomer will also be able to spot health issues on the skin, teeth, ears, and eyes.

Mobile Pet Grooming Can Make The Experience Easier On You & Your Furry Friend

Sometimes, taking your dog or cat to the grooming salon isn’t an option. Perhaps your pet has anxiety issues when it comes to riding in the car, or maybe you have limited mobility and can’t take them. Whatever the reason may be, mobile pet grooming can help!

Lucky Dawg Pet Services offers professional mobile pet grooming that you and your fur baby will love! Your pet gets to experience all the perks of the salon but in your driveway. Mobile pet groomers come fully prepared to give your dog or cat the star treatment, and you never have to leave the house.

Get Professional Pet Grooming With Lucky Dawg Pet Services

Our company offers high-quality pet grooming services for both cats and dogs. We help keep your four-legged friend’s coat clean, shiny, and healthy. Our team of groomers has been well-trained, and each has a passion for providing exemplary pet care. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment for professional grooming services. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook!

Does My Cat Really Need To Be Groomed By A Professional?

Does My Cat Really Need To Be Groomed By A Professional?

Cats are natural groomers. They lick themselves when they wake up. They lick themselves when they eat, when they use the bathroom, and at so many other seemingly random times. It’s clear to see why so many people believe that professional grooming is unnecessary. Cats can do it all by themselves, right? Not necessarily.

The problem is that just because cats groom themselves doesn’t mean that they are particularly “clean” or that they don’t require a little extra maintenance. Like many other animals, cats can harbor smells, they shed, they can get matted fur, and their nails can be in desperate need of a trim.

Now you might be thinking that there’s no way that your cat will let you wash them without the claws coming out, but that doesn’t mean that you should skip the opportunity to give your fur baby a professional cat grooming session.

What Type Of Breeds Benefit The Most From Grooming?

Long-haired cat breeds like Birman, Himalayan, and Persian cats have really long, fluffy hair that gets matted easily and traps anything that’s unfortunate enough to find its way in there (fleas can be hard to find in there too!). These cats typically require brushing several times a day to prevent matting and to keep shedding at a minimum.

Because it’s so easy for them to get dirty, long and medium-haired cats definitely need regular grooming appointments. No matter how hard they try, there are certain parts of their body that can’t be reached by their tongues, and that’s where the groomer comes in.

What Can A Professional Groomer Do That I Can’t?

It’s no secret that many cats don’t take kindly to bath water and bubbles. If you try to bathe your cat yourself, struggles can ensue that can leave you with a half-clean cat and tons of battle scars after a few run-ins with their claws.

One of the added benefits of professional grooming is that eventually, your cat will get used to going to the groomers and being handled when it’s time for a bath or a brushing. Regular grooming is necessary for a shiny, healthy coat. It’s the best way to remove dirt and debris, and more importantly, it’s the best way to check for fleas and other pests. It’s probably a lot more difficult to check for these things on your own while struggling to give your cat a bath.

A professional groomer can take care of all of this by thoroughly checking your cat for pests. If your cat does need a special flea treatment, a professional groomer will have all of the tools necessary to kill the pests and give your cat a good scrub. Once your cat has been groomed, regularly brushing your fur baby should be easier. You won’t have to worry about there being any giant mats of hair, and it keeps the hairballs to a minimum.

How Often Should I Groom My Cat?

It honestly depends on the breed, and they may require more appointments based on the time of year. As stated before, medium and long-haired cats require more grooming than short-haired cats. Many cats tend to do a bit of shedding after winter.

If you’re someone who suffers from bad allergies in the spring, then it’s definitely a good idea to get your cat groomed regularly around that time to keep your allergies in check. This is just one of the many benefits that you and your cat may share when you have them groomed professionally.

Lucky Dawg Has The Experience You Want In A Cat Groomer!

Cats prefer to do a lot of things on their own, which is ok. But, it’s still a good idea to have your cat professionally groomed from time to time to maintain a clean coat. In addition to a bath and a good brush, groomers can also trim nails–something you may not want to tackle on your own at home.

The bottom line is that groomers have experience working with different breeds, fur length, temperaments, etc., that make them fully capable of taking care of your cat. Lucky Dawg Pet Services is one such grooming service. We work with dogs and cats, and we understand that there is a different approach to be taken with grooming each animal.

Cats are beautiful creatures with interesting attitudes and coats to match. Let Lucky Dawg Pet Services take care of your unique “Snowflake,” and we promise that your baby will be good as new. If you need cat grooming services, whether it be salon or mobile, be sure to contact us here. Also, be sure to like and follow our Facebook page for more cat and dog content and news!