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Dog Sprayed By A Skunk? Here’s What You Need To Know

Dog Sprayed By A Skunk? Here’s What You Need To Know

Your dog just had an unfortunate run-in with Pepé Le Pew, and now he’s covered in skunk spray. While skunks make adorably hilarious cartoon characters, they can be a real-life nuisance to people and other animals. However, skunks are just as afraid of us as we are of them.

What is this tiny animal’s powerful defense mechanism? So what makes this tiny animal so smelly? The secret lies in the skunk’s anal glands.

There are two squirters that spray a disgusting liquid made of thiol, which is a compound containing sulfur. Sulfur is notorious for its stomach-churning egg smell. Skunks also have an incredible aim. They can squirt predators from 10 to 20 feet away, and the smell can reach about half a mile.

The reason why the smell lingers so long is due to thioacetates that slowly release the thiol compound. This is why the smell seems to last for ages, and it can be very hard to remove the smell from dog fur.

How Can I Deskunk My Dog At Home?

It might be hard, but it’s not impossible to get rid of the smell. And it’s best to get rid of it as soon as possible. Not only is the smell unpleasant, but it can cause eye discomfort, temporary blindness, and nausea and vomiting if it has been swallowed.

It’s best to rely on a good groomer to completely refresh your dog’s skin and coat, but you can always begin the process at home. Here are a few things you should and shouldn’t do at home to get rid of the smell.

DO Use Peroxide And Baking Soda

Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda is the best combination of products to remove skunk spray at home. The mixture neutralizes the smell and prevents your dog from spreading the smell around your home, making it more difficult to get rid of.

The first thing to remember is that it is never a good idea to bring your dog into your home after an encounter with these stinky critters. If you can, you should definitely wash your pooch outside. The mixture goes like this: one part hydrogen peroxide, ¼ a cup of baking soda, and about a tablespoon of dish detergent. Dish detergent will get rid of the oil while the baking soda and peroxide change the chemical makeup of the thiols.

Don’t leave the mixture on your dog too long, because you run the risk of bleaching your dog’s fur. Also, you should never put a solution like this near your dog’s eyes, lest further irritation occurs. The best course of action is to use a commercial wash and deodorizer. You may not be able to get your hands on some, but your groomer will know what to do.

DON’T Use Tomato Juice

Contrary to popular belief, tomato juice is NOT the answer. Much like spraying Febreeze on garbage, it’s pointless and will very unsuccessfully try to mask the smell. It doesn’t get rid of it. The same goes for tomato juice. It doesn’t get rid of the smell from the spray; it just masks it. The best way to get rid of the smell is to try the method above, but it’s even better to try the method below.

DO Seek Help From An Experienced Groomer

The best way to ensure your pooch gets the proper deskunking treatment that they deserve is to bring them to an experienced groomer. Good groomers usually have experience working with dogs of all kinds with different fur types.

They also have access to tools many pet parents don’t have at home. This makes groomers perfectly equipped for deskunking your dog. Remember, there are certain techniques and products that a groomer can use, and you can’t.

Keep Calm, Carry On, And Let Lucky Dawg Salon Deskunk Your Dog

As stressful and messy as this situation can be, it’s not something that you have to deal with alone. You can start by using the peroxide solution, but it’s always a good idea to take your dog to the groomers so that they can be properly treated, You don’t have to worry about the mess that might ensue if you try to handle the situation by yourself.

If your dog has had an unfortunate run-in with a skunk, or they’re just downright stinky, Lucky Dawg Salon has you covered! For mobile grooming call 310-784-0566, and for salon grooming call 310-784-0755. You can also contact us on our site for any questions or to schedule a grooming appointment. Be sure to follow Lucky Dawg Pet Services on Facebook to keep up with all Lucky Dawg news!

Why Pet Owners Need A Professional Groomer

Why Pet Owners Need A Professional Groomer

Pet grooming is one of the sweetest things you can do for your dog. For one, it helps keep their skin, coat, and nails healthy and for two, it’s loving! Just like humans, Man’s Best Friend needs a trip to the beauty salon for some pampering. There are certain aspects of dog grooming that only a trained professional can achieve. Sure, anyone can give their dog a bath, but why not give your pooch the star treatment by booking a grooming session instead?

We, at Lucky Dawg Pet Services, take our jobs very seriously. We want the best possible grooming experience for your furry friend.

Professional Pet Grooming Is The Safer Option

Well-meaning pet owners have been struggling to give their pets a proper bath for decades. For many, this process is terribly difficult, even if they are calm. Once your docile friend sees that they have to get into a tub of water, all bets are off! Before you know it, you and your pet are soaking wet and miserable.

Professional pet groomers are trained to brush, bathe, and trim your pet’s coat. Believe it or not, there’s a method to grooming that pet owners may not be aware of. There is also the issue of checking your pet’s skin for problems, a task that isn’t for the untrained eye.

Speaking of eyes, your pet’s eye health depends on professional removal of sticky “boogers” and gunk from the area. In addition, ear cleaning is also part of a pet groomers job.

Lastly, there is the expression of anal glands. This is a very sensitive area on a dog’s body. As unpleasant as it may be (for both dog and groomer) anal glands must be adequately expressed to avoid infection and discomfort. There aren’t very many pet owners who can or are willing to perform this task.

Specialty Grooming Services

You still might be thinking that grooming your cat or dog on your own is doable. We are willing to bet you won’t feel this way if your beloved dog is sprayed by a skunk. In fact, we are pretty sure you won’t even want them in the house!

Professional pet groomers are able to de-skunk your dog using special soaps and shampoos that’ll toss out the stink and leave your pet with a fresh, shiny coat.

Other Specialty Services Include:

These are all treatments that require a professional groomer’s expertise. You want the appropriate products and methods applied to your dog. Trying to choose a product from the pet store shelf can be daunting! Your groomer will know just what to do for your furry family member should they get into a scuffle with a skunk, become infested with fleas, or need their pearly whites touched up.

Order Up Some Bling For Your Pet

A more fun aspect of pet grooming is styling your dog’s hair and making them look like a million bucks! You may not realize this, but attaching a tiny bow to a dog’s head isn’t as easy as it sounds. Our professional groomers know how to place bows and jewelry onto your pet’s fur without pulling and causing discomfort.

Dying your furry friend’s hair is fun and exciting! However, trying to do this yourself is dangerous. Our salon uses non-toxic dyes that are safe for your pet’s coat and skin. We also know exactly how to apply the dye and for how long to keep it on.

Your pet can leave the salon with feather extensions, a colorful bandana, and even blingy jewelry.

A Positive Experience

Lucky Dawg makes it our top priority to see that your pet has a stellar grooming experience. Your pet will never be kept in a crate or cage. We also try to make sure your pet sees the same groomer at each session. You can even choose to have a male or female groomer, depending on the needs of your cat/dog.

Each four-legged guest receives a personalized pampering session.

Get Fantastic Pet Grooming Service At Lucky Dawg

It is our pleasure to pamper your pet and provide them with outstanding pet grooming services. Lucky Dawg has two grooming options available: mobile and salon. Contact us today, and we’ll help you decide on which method works best for you and your dog. Our caring staff has years of experience in the grooming field. We guarantee your ultimate satisfaction!

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The Ultimate Pet Guide For Flea & Tick Prevention

The Ultimate Pet Guide For Flea & Tick Prevention

Summer in California is sunny, hot, and the season for fleas and ticks. It’s so important to be proactive in keeping your dog and cat safe from these terrible little creatures. When dogs and cats are susceptible to flea or tick bites, they are at risk for diseases. Unfortunately, vaccines for tick-borne diseases are not yet available. It’s extremely important to use flea and tick prevention products on your furry family members.

Did you know that when a dog or cat is bitten by a tick the signs and symptoms don’t typically appear for 7-21 days? Keeping an eye on your pet for changes in behavior or appetite is imperative, especially if you have your suspicions that they’ve been the main course of a tick’s dinner.

Stop Tick-Borne Diseases Before They Happen

There are plenty of things you can do to reduce the chance of your cat or dog being infected with a tick-borne disease. Your first step should be an appointment with your veterinarian. Getting your pet a good once-over by the doctor is key. At this appointment, you can ask your vet any tick-related questions you may have and for the best ways to keep your pet safe.

Here are some other tips for tick prevention:

  • Check your dog or cat daily for ticks, especially if they spend time outside
  • If you find a tick on your pet, properly remove it, ASAP
  • At each vet appointment, have your dog checked over for ticks
  • Take measures to reduce tick habitats in your yard
  • Research and discover which tick preventatives are best for your pet

Keep in mind that cats are far more sensitive to chemicals than dogs. Always ask your vet to point you in the direction of feline-friendly tick repellents.

Make sure to check the following areas when examining your pet for ticks:

  • In and around the ears
  • Around the eyelids
  • Under the collar
  • Under the front legs
  • Between the toes
  • Between the back legs
  • Around the tail

Prevent Fleas From Infesting Your Pet

Dogs and cats need flea protection all year round, not only in summer. This is because most fleas thrive in temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees. Most of our homes meet these temperature thresholds, even during winter. It’s important that your pet remain effectively protected with high-quality products.

Which leads us to our next point: Don’t use expired flea products! The efficacy begins to wear off, significantly, after the expiry date. This leaves your dog or cat open to a flea infestation. It’s wise to check with your vet about the products you plan to use and what their shelf lives are.

Using canine flea and tick prevention products on your cat is a mega no-no. Dogs and cats do not metabolize chemicals in the same way. Your cat is far more sensitive to medications than your dog. Using a canine flea treatment on your cat can seriously injure or kill your pet. Make sure to thoroughly read all product labels. If you are unsure of a product being safe for cats, ask your veterinarian.

Regularly check your cat or dog for fleas. Unlike ticks, fleas are much easier to notice. They swarm your pets’ body and often culminate in groups. You’ll often see sore spots, bleeding, and itching when a flea infestation is severe. Your dog or cat may even excessively scratch or bite at themselves to relieve the itching and discomfort.

Regular grooming is vital in keeping fleas and other parasites from calling your pet’s body, home. Lucky Dog Pet Grooming Salon knows exactly how and where to check your pet for fleas during the grooming process.

Keeping your yard neat and tidy is another excellent way to deter fleas from bothering your pets. Fleas love to congregate in warm, moist, shady areas with lots of grass and leaves. Raking and mowing can help keep them away.

Lastly, taking your pet to the vet for regular checkups is important. Your vet can examine your cat or dog for signs of flea infestation and also counsel you on the best preventative measures.

Get Flea And Tick Prevention Tips From Lucky Dawg Pet Grooming Salon

We want to see your pet healthy and free of ticks and fleas just as much as you do. Schedule an appointment with our friendly staff today for your professional grooming services, whether that be an in-salon visit or our mobile grooming services. Feel free to contact us with any flea and tick prevention questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Cat Grooming: How To Tackle Your Cat’s Shedding

Cat Grooming: How To Tackle Your Cat’s Shedding

Cat Grooming. Those words strike terror into the hearts of even the biggest cat lover. Feline parents know how our babies feel about having their routine upset. Some cats would rather spend one of their nine lives than leave their comfy bed and take a bath!

But it’s summer, and your house is awash in cat fur. For the sanity sake, your cat needs grooming. We know you hate to stress your cat out, but did you realize seeing a groomer a few times a year can prevent serious health problems down the road?

Most cat breeds will shed their winter coat in the spring and summer months. While aggravating, there’s no need for worry. It’s perfectly normal. Help the process along with regular brushing and a bath. If this doesn’t remedy the issue, it could be time to let a professional help.

If your cat gets too stressed out from traveling back and forth from the groomers, consider mobile cat grooming. The groomer will come out to you at your convenience.

Once a groomer has seen your cat, they can help determine if this is normal shedding or if your cat seems to have a problem causing the fur loss.

What’s Normal Shedding And What’s Not?

Nearly all furry animals will shed some of their coat starting in the spring. Outdoor cats will shed more than indoor cats, but they all drop fur. Some cat breeds with the worst shedding include Maine Coon, Persian, Siberian, Himalayan, Chartreux and the American Curl.

If your cat is one of these breeds (or a mix) expect lots of shedding…and lots of cat grooming. If you are looking to adopt a new kitty, and you want a cat with low grooming needs, you may want to consider one of these breeds: Siamese, Cornish Rex, Turkish Angora Bombay, Burmese or a Bengal. Regardless of the cat you have, regular brushing and bathing should help control annoying shedding.

If you have a cat who is shedding in clumps, is continually itching, or has stopped grooming themselves altogether, there may be a bigger problem.

Underlying Causes Of Shedding

Sometimes no matter how well you groom your cat, the shedding continues. Then it’s time to see if there is something else going on. Common reasons for excess shedding include:

  1. Pests such as fleas, ticks, and mites. Even indoor cats can end up with pests like fleas. Make sure you are giving your cats the proper medication for the control of insects.
  2. Allergies. Just like people, animals can have allergies to grasses, food, or pollen. A vet will have to check for allergies and prescribe the right medication and environmental changes.
  3. Poor diet. A cat needs enough fat and nutrients in their food to maintain a healthy coat. A poor diet will cause shedding and more cat grooming. Make sure your cat food meets all nutritional needs.
  4. Hormone imbalance. Giving birth, spaying, or neutering can all cause your cat’s hormones to fluctuate and induce shedding. This will usually rectify itself.
  5. Stress. All fur parents know that cats hate stress. A new routine, an added pet to the home, or going to the vet will cause excess shedding until the stress is over.
  6. Tumors and cancer. Discolored skin, lumps, and excess shedding can be signs of a rare, but severe condition. Regular grooming can help find anything out of the ordinary that a vet needs to look at.

How Regular Cat Grooming Can Detect Problems

If you are regularly brushing your cat, but the shedding is still a problem, you may want to consider professional grooming. An experienced groomer sees hundreds of pets and has a better idea of what’s normal and what’s not.

Fleas, bumps, hair clumping, discolorations are all things a groomer can find and report to you. A flea infestation can cause anemia, a condition where the blood doesn’t have enough red blood cells. Your cat will itch, shed, and feel tired. A vet can quickly correct the situation before it becomes severe. Young cats are especially at risk.

Your older or overweight cat may stop grooming themselves altogether as they aren’t as limber as they should be. It’s essential for your cat’s health that they stay clean and groomed.

Contact The Lucky Dawg Salon & Mobile Grooming Team For Your Fur Baby!

Our caring and experienced pet groomers are ready to answer your cat grooming questions. Are you undecided about whether mobile or salon grooming is right for your cat? We can help you make the best choice based on your pet’s personality.

For mobile grooming, please call 310-784-0566. For salon grooming call 310-784-0775. You can also reach us by using our contact us form. Make sure to like us on Facebook!

What Happens At A Lucky Dawg Dog Grooming Appointment?

What Happens At A Lucky Dawg Dog Grooming Appointment?

Your furry family member will appreciate a fresh dog grooming session and give it two paws up! At Lucky Dawg Dog grooming we offer both mobile and salon pet pampering services. The type of grooming services your dog will receive depend on a few different variables. As you probably already know, every dog is different. Some pups require certain services that others do not, such as ear hair trims and nail clips. Whatever the needs of your pet may be, we’re ready to accommodate them.

First Thing’s First

We want to get to know you and your dog a bit before we jump right into the grooming session. Whether you use our mobile service or bring your pet into the salon, we’ll spend a moment or two getting information about your dog. It’s important that we learn about any health issues your dog may have and whether they experience anxiety or nervousness around new people and loud noises.

Next, we’ll confirm the grooming services that are appropriate for your pet with you. Your pet’s grooming session is customizable and can include a bath, haircut, nail trim, ear cleaning, etc. If your dog has a medium to long coat, we’ll go over the look and style that you’d like them to have.

It’s our top priority to keep your dog safe, comfortable, and happy while they are in our care. We also want you to be completely satisfied with the results.

Let The Dog Grooming Begin!

Now that we’ve got all the formalities out of the way, it’s time to make your fur baby look like a million bucks. It’s important to remember that your dog’s services will differ from another client’s services. The following bullet list is simply an example of what a full groom would look like.

  • Nail trim
  • Trimming of paw pad hair
  • Sanitary trim
  • Coat trim
  • Ear hair pluck and clean
  • Coat brush-out
  • Bath
  • Blow dry
  • Hairstyling

Keep in mind that your dog certainly can have our full-groom service, or, you can pick from the list of what you’d like your pet to have done. Some owners prefer their dogs to have coat trims with every grooming visit while others opt to only have ear hair plucks and nail trims, for example. The choice is yours.

All services are available at our salon or during mobile pet grooming.

Give Your Dog The Star Treatment At Lucky Dawg Dog Grooming

We understand that your dog means the world to you, and while they are in our care, they mean the world to us, too! Lucky Dawg offers both mobile and salon grooming. Give our staff a call today to decide which one will work best for you and your pet. We offer full-scale grooming services that we’d love to chat with you about. Feel free to contact us HERE. When you choose Lucky Dawg, you choose the BEST!

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