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Salon Or Mobile Grooming For Your Furry Feline?

Salon Or Mobile Grooming For Your Furry Feline?

Our goal is to help you find the best option for your cat. After all, they are a member of your family. We understand how important it is for your four-legged friend to have a grooming experience that is comfortable and safe.

Salon Grooming For Your Cat

If you’re like most pet owners, a grooming salon is probably the first place that comes to mind in terms of getting your furry feline squeaky clean. Salons have all the tools and products to groom your cat in a safe and effective way. If you choose a grooming salon like Lucky Dawg, you can rest assured your cat will be treated like royalty.


  • Price: Grooming salons are typically more affordable than the mobile pet grooming option. This is largely due to the brick and mortar salon being able to see more pets during the day than a mobile salon. Due to the higher volume of pets being groomed, salons can keep their prices a bit lower. Sometimes, pet salon shops will offer in-store discounts and promotional offers.
  • More Groomers: As the saying goes, “Many hands make for light work”. Grooming salons often have multiple groomers on staff. This means they can help each other with cats that might have special needs or behavioral issues. Multiple groomers also cover for each other. If your pet’s groomer cancels your appointment there will probably be another groomer to take their place.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Scheduling and/or rescheduling appointments is often much easier in a shop type setting versus mobile pet grooming. This is because they have more openings available.
  • Longer Grooming Times: For some, this can be an annoyance. However, if you have a senior cat or a pet with special needs, longer grooming may be beneficial.


  • Distractions: Some salons have a receptionist or secretary for answering phones and checking in clients. However, some do not, which means the groomers will be distracted with other duties other than pampering your cat.
  • Kennels: Some shops place pets into kennels while they wait for their turn to be groomed. This can cause anxiety and stress for your cat if the wait time is long.
  • Noisy: Grooming salons are going to be buzzing with other pets, phones ringing, music, etc. Some cats do not handle this type of chaos, well.

Summary – There are pros and cons to salon grooming. Lucky Dawg makes sure your cat has the best possible experience at our shop.


Mobile Grooming For Your Cat

The pet grooming industry is growing by leaps and bounds each and every year. One trend that has recently hit the streets is mobile cat grooming. This convenient service offers many things for you and your cat. Be advised, there are pros and cons to mobile cat grooming.


  • Convenient: When you don’t feel like leaving your house to go to a noisy salon, have the salon come to you! Mobile pet grooming is highly convenient for both you and your cat.
  • Dog-Free: Most kitties don’t mesh well with doggos. The mobile grooming environment extinguishes any interaction between your cat and other client’s dogs.
  • Faster Grooming Times: By comparison, salon grooming time versus mobile grooming time has about a 1-2-hour difference. Mobile grooming has your cat feeling fresh and fabulous in about 45 minutes.
  • Undivided Attention: Your mobile pet salon groomer is only going to be working on your cat. Therefore, your kitty will be getting the star treatment and won’t have to share the attention with other animals.


  • Price: Because mobile pet grooming is a convenience service, the price is often a bit higher than salon prices. Time, travel, and gas are factors that the groomer uses to determine their pricing as well as seeing less clients in a day.
  • High Velocity Dryer: These types of dryers are great for speedy drying; however, they can be scary for cats due to their loud noises.
  • Limited Scheduling: Mobile groomers may only be in your area at certain times of the month. This limits when you can have your cat groomed. A salon allows you more scheduling flexibility.
  • One Groomer: Unlike a salon, mobile pet grooming only has one set of hands on deck. This can be a good thing in some respects but a bad thing in others. Some cats have special needs that require the help of multiple groomers.
  • Mechanical Issues: Just like any mobile service, these groomers depend largely on their vehicles and equipment to be working properly. When a groomer has a mechanical breakdown, your appointment is going to either be pushed to a different time or day or even canceled altogether. This can be an inconvenience for you because you’ll have to rearrange your schedule.

Summary – Mobile pet grooming comes with the good and the bad depending on your cat’s specific needs.

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Dog Grooming Tools Every Parent Should Have At Home

Dog Grooming Tools Every Parent Should Have At Home

While most grooming is best left to the groomers, there is a lot of upkeep that you can do to keep your dog looking and feeling his or her best in between visits to the doggy salon. Dog grooming tools are essential must-haves for every pet-owner’s home.

Most of the home dog grooming tools that you will need are relatively inexpensive and can be found at your local pet store. There is no reason not to keep them on hand.

What Are The Benefits Of Dog Grooming Tools?

Regular home grooming sessions are as much about bonding and trust as they are about keeping your pooch clean. Here are some of the benefits of regular grooming sessions with your pup:

  1. Keeping them clean and healthy with baths will help remove dirt, dust, bacteria, fungi and viruses your dog collects on their fur as well as remove dead skin cells and hairs from your pet’s coat. Your dog’s coat will also look and smell better.
  2. Regular brushing helps prevent mats by eradicating small knots before they get out of control. It can also help with excessive shedding and help reduce allergens in homes with allergy sufferers.
  3. Baths, brushing and other routine grooming activities will create a bond between you and your dog. You will find that brushing may even lull them to sleep. It is a great way to keep your dog looking and feeling great.
  4. Proper nail trimming will help prevent canine-arthritis and other joint-related diseases.

Summary: Regularly grooming your dog with the right tools is important for your bond as well as your dog’s health and happiness.


What Types Of Dog Grooming Tools Do I Need?

Nail Clippers

Dogs with clipped and trimmed nails are easier on your floors and furniture and often benefit from the shortened nails. There are a few types of dog nail clipper tools to consider:

  • Claw-style: cut the nail in a scissor-like manner but has a spring.
  • Guillotine: cuts the nail when a spring-loaded handle is pushed down.
  • Scissor-like: these do not have springs. They are a good idea for dogs with small, delicate nails.
  • Styptic powder: if you inadvertently cut a nail too short, this powder can help to slow down bleeding.
  • Filing tools: these tools are designed to grind down the nails slowly.


There are as many fur types as there are dogs it seems and that’s why there are so many different types of brushes. You need to decide on a comb or brush that is suited to your pooch’s fur. So, let’s talk brushes:

  • Bristle brushes: these types of brushes will have bristles that vary from soft to firm and long to short. Many types of hair will benefit from this type of brush.
  • Wire pin brushes: these brushes are designed for pooches with medium to long fur.
  • Slicker brushes: These brushes are used on tangles and mats.
  • Rakes and mat breakers: these types of brushes are designed for severe tangles
  • Shedding tools: these brushes have special teeth that remove extra hair from double-coated breeds in order to decrease shedding.
  • Flea combs: these combs are for exactly what you think. They are used to spot fleas.
  • Glove brushes: these brushes are gloves that with tiny rubber pegs on the palm and fingers which allow you to stroke your pup while removing dead hair. He won’t even know he is being groomed! They are great for nervous dogs or for young puppies.


Clean fur and skin is the most important part of a hygienic dog’s beauty routine. Let’s go over some types of shampoo:

  • Tear-free shampoo: this cleanser – like the ones for human babies – is designed to protect your dog’s eyes from burning.
  • Oatmeal shampoo: this type of shampoo is intended to calm mildly irritated skin as well as help with itching.
  • Medicated shampoos: these are prescribed by a vet to help dogs with allergies or further skin conditions.
  • Conditioners: these are sometimes used after shampoo to help keep your dog’s coat moisturized and shiny. They are not always necessary.
  • Fur Whitening Shampoo: these types of shampoos are designed explicitly for dogs with white hair because it can get dingy and yellowish so easily.

Ear Cleaners

Proper ear care for dogs is often ignored, but it is just as vital as upkeep of hair and nails. Talk to a veterinary expert or groomer about the correct methods before you start.

Please note: DO NOT EVER use q-tips or alcohol in your dog’s ears!

Here are some of the tools you will need to keep on hand:

Ear cleansers: these cleansers are specifically designed to help rinse the ear canal.

Cotton balls or pads: these can be used to wipe out debris from the ears.

Ear powder: this powder will help dry the ear canal to prepare it for plucking (this is only necessary for dogs with excess hair or wax.)

Hemostats: these tools are designed to help pluck excess hair but please be sure you know what you are doing before you try.

Ear medications: a veterinarian may prescribe dogs with ear conditions (such as infections or ear mites) medications.

Grooming Wipes

Dogs get muddy, get drooly and get dirty. They just do. When you simply do not have the time or energy for a bath or when the groomer is booked until the next day, what do you do? Keep a pack of pet deodorizing wipes on hand.

Summary: There are many types of tools that can be used to help groom your dog at home but always be sure to speak to a groomer or veterinarian if you have questions or concerns.

Use Your Dog Grooming Tools In Between Salon Visits

Dogs who are well-groomed feel bonded and safe with their owners. Basic everyday care will help keep your pooch happy and healthy as well as strengthen that awesome relationship. However, many grooming tasks are best left to the pros.

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Avoid These Common Dog Grooming Mistakes

Avoid These Common Dog Grooming Mistakes

Maybe you’ve realized your dog is looking a little scruffy, and is in need of dog grooming. You want your pup to look and feel good and it’s important to you to be a responsible pet owner. Or possibly you have family coming over and just want him or her to look extra cute. Whatever your reason, there’s more than meets the eye to achieve an excellent dog grooming experience.

Whether you intend to try to do it yourself or pay someone with professional training and experience, the outcome can vary hugely. The process can be inadequate and ineffective if not done by someone with the right temperament and degree of experience.

After all, if a quick wash and dry were all it was about, your 10 year old could do it.

Here are 5 mistakes to avoid during dog grooming that can greatly affect your furry buddy’s health, comfort level and of course their skin and coat:

Mistake #1 Grooming Only A Few Times A Year

There are quite a few reasons dog grooming should occur more consistently throughout the year. Not the least of which is that it gives your dog a chance to bond with his groomer. A professional groomer provides socialization out in public. Trips to the vet become easier, as well as other interactions with people outside the family.

It also gives him a chance to get used to grooming. So, instead of it being an anxiety producing hide-and-shake session at an unknown situation, it is routine and expected. This way, he can be comfortable and free from painful mats year-round.

It gives you the opportunity to keep tabs on the health of your dog’s skin so you can be aware of possible lumps or other issues that may need a vet’s attention. This health check is a service provided by reputable local dog groomers.

When your dog’s coat isn’t maintained consistently, severe tangles and matting can occur, which pull on the skin. In addition, stickers can hide under mats, burrowing into the skin and becoming actual medical problems. At certain stages, the only option is shaving matted fur, which isn’t ideal at certain times of the year.

Summary- Having your dog groomed consistently results in significant benefits to his mental and physical health.

dog grooming

Mistake #2 Brushing At The Right Times And With The Right Equipment

Many people don’t realize that by doing a thorough brushing before getting the dog wet, you can detangle some of the fur before water makes the tangles much worse. A professional dog groomer will know exactly how to brush your dog’s specific fur type. A thorough brushing will be done to begin to remove tangles, fleas and possible debris, like stickers.

They will have the right equipment to thoroughly brush and work through the fur, whether it is a thick double-coat of a German Shepherd that requires a deep brushing, or perhaps a more curly coated breed, such as a Portuguese Water Dog, that requires different equipment entirely.

Knowing exactly what type of fur you’re working with is important for the total experience. Even if you’ve got a mixed breed, this is important to know.

Missing brushing behind the ears or near the hind-quarters can be another mistake when dog grooming. A professional groomer will gently and skillfully work those tangles out to produce a beautiful total look that is ultimately an amazing feeling for your dog.

Summary– Knowing how and when to brush makes all the difference for a dog during the grooming process.

Mistake #3 Choosing The Wrong Dog Grooming Clippers

Have you ever tried to choose from the many dog grooming clippers available on the market?

The problem is, each type is designed for a specific type and length of fur, as well as for certain grooming goals. These goals can be an overall shave, or clipping sensitive, hard to reach areas. A professional will invest in top-of-the-line equipment, so you don’t have to rely on pet food store employees to educate you on dog clippers.

The wrong tool for the job can result in frustration, injury, and wasted money. There is an ideal length to cut fur based on your objective. Is it for a summer cut or just for cutting mats here and there? It’s important not to cut fur too close to the skin or to try to use a tool that isn’t powerful enough for certain types of fur.

The clippers also have certain maintenance requirements or they won’t work properly. If used for the wrong type of job, they can wreak havoc on your dog’s fur.

Blunt blades will make the process slow and far less effective. If used improperly, the blades can get caught on dry fur and cut the dog. Not only is this a risky endeavor, it is a sure-fire way to cement in your dog’s head that he doesn’t trust anyone messing with his fur.

Summary- It’s easy to buy the wrong clippers and end up frustrated and with poor results.

Mistake #4 Inadequate Rinsing After Shampooing

Rinsing is a tough job when a dog isn’t calm or contained properly. Without the right equipment, water pressure and ideal water temperature, it is practically impossible to get all the grime and soap out of some dog’s fur. Fleas are tough to rinse out also.

In the end, a thorough rinsing is a top priority for a dog’s comfort and final results. There’s not much point to achieving a half-clean dog. More than that, soap residue will irritate the skin, causing itching, dryness and further matting.

dog grooming

To avoid shampoo or even conditioner residue, rinse until the water is clean. Use a temperature that is very comfortable for your dog, and adequate water pressure to get through to the skin. It’s hard to rinse all the potential soapy spots on your dog, such as behind the ears, the inside of the legs, and the belly.

This is why having the right equipment is crucial for this endeavor. It’s important to have the right sprayer, and also to use an area where the dog isn’t slipping and sliding and trying to escape. A true professional will know how to keep a dog calm and safe during this process.

There are many considerations when optimizing the health and well-being of your dog. Dog grooming is a total package and shouldn’t be taken lightly by caring dog owners. Make sure your dog groomer avoids these mistakes.

Summary- Rushing through the dog grooming process and not rinsing properly can leave a dog with trapped soap next to his skin. This can irritate the skin.

Choose Lucky Dawg Salon For The Best Dog Grooming Experience

We at Lucky Dawg Pet Services have the caring, experience and knowledge base to give your dog long-lasting and beautiful results. We want you and your dog to be very happy with our services and look forward to coming back for more! Whether your dog is best served with mobile or in-house grooming, just let us know so we can do what’s best for both of you. Call us today at 310-784-0775 to schedule dog grooming services with one of our caring groomers!

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Finding The Right Pet Groomer

Finding The Right Pet Groomer

Your pet is part of the family. You don’t intend to trust your baby to just anyone and we respect that! Not all groomers are created equal and building a relationship with a groomer over time is essential for a successful long-term relationship.

Your dog or cat trusts that you are looking out for their best interest so it is natural that you would take this decision seriously. You should build a friendly relationship with a groomer who loves what they do, is willing to work with you and your pet’s needs and who will spend the time to answer any and all of your questions.

If a groomer is not willing to sit and chat about your needs, give you a tour of their workspace or make you feel comfortable then they are not the groomer for you. He or she should understand your love for your pet and respect your need for reassurance.

What Do Pet Groomers Do?

Pet groomers serve a wide variety of roles and they do all sorts of things related to the cleanliness and hygiene of your pet.

Some of the responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • brushing and cutting the fur
  • clipping nails
  • cleaning ears
  • bathing the animals
  • anal expression
  • drying the fur
  • styling the fur
  • sanitizing combs and shears and other tools
  • scheduling appointments and customer service duties
  • reporting issues to pet owners
  • guiding pet owners about proper pet hygiene

Good pet groomers are generally patient animal lovers who don’t mind getting their hands a little “dirty”. They are almost always pet owners themselves.

Summary: Pet groomers have a wide array of duties and the job requires many skills, but the most important qualification is usually loving animals.


How Are Pet Groomers Trained?

There are no strict formal education requirements for becoming a pet groomer and most groomers acquire training through apprenticeship programs. These are usually about 6-10 weeks long and they learn all about bathing, drying, cutting, nail clipping, dog and cat handling and more. This hands-on training under the supervision of experienced groomers prepares them for working in a grooming facility.

Summary: Pet groomers go through different types of training depending on their employer but generally apprentice before going to work on their own.

What Services Does Your Pet Need?

Different groomers provide different services. Possible services you may need include:

  • Bath
  • Anal gland expression
  • Undercoat removal
  • De-skunking
  • Flea relief
  • Teeth-brushing
  • De-matting hair
  • Ear cleaning
  • Hair style or trim
  • Specific standards for breeds

Summary: Choosing a groomer will depend to some degree on yours and your pets’ needs.

Questions To Ask A Groomer

Ask the groomer to sit and chat with you. Tell them about your needs and expectations. Ask if they will give you a tour of their workplace. They should work hard to earn your trust and make you feel comfortable. If not, move on.

Here are some good questions to get you started:

  • Can I stay with my pet and watch?
  • Can I see your tools and shampoos, etc?
  • How long have you been doing this?
  • Have you ever been bitten?
  • How do you ensure the safety of the animals in your care?
  • How will my pet be dried?
  • Have you ever worked with a pet like mine?
  • What types of animals do you groom?
  • Will my pet have the same groomer every time?
  • How long can my pet stay after his or her services are complete?
  • Can you groom a dog or cat to breed standards?
  • Do you use any tranquilizers or any kinds of medications?
  • How long will a session take?
  • Do you have references?

Summary: Ask your pet groomer lots of questions.


Are They Passionate About Pet Grooming?

There are a couple of key signs that a groomer is a passionate provider and not just there to collect your check. For one thing, pet groomers who care are interested in looking out for your pet. A good groomer will look out for health issues, rashes, a scab, signs of gum bleeding, etc.

In addition, passionate and caring groomers have probably been doing this for a while or have worked in other fields with animals in the past. They may have certifications that go above and beyond what is required, and they should definitely have a reputation for great service. Which brings us to the next point.

Summary: Passionate pet groomers will go above and beyond. Go with your instincts when you meet the prospective groomer.

Ask Around

Talk to people in your area and ask them who they use or who they recommend. Then, take their advice to heart. Be sure to ask people who feel the same way that you do about your pet, of course. Ask them about how the services were, whether they thought the prices were reasonable, whether their pet seemed anxious after leaving, etc.

Summary: A great groomer will have a solid reputation in the community.

Is A Mobile Pet Groomer Right For You?

Mobile pet grooming is a new trend and the innovative grooming setup allows for maximum comfort and less stress for everyone… especially your pets. Dogs and cats are often much less nervous if they are not forced to leave their homes and owners can relax knowing that they are right there with their pet. Mobile groomers are ideal for people who have limited time, whose pets are anxious when brought to the groomer or for pet owners who have limited mobility.

Summary: Mobile grooming facilities like Lucky Dawg’s van are a great way to save time and reduce stress.

Your pet is part of the family and you should build a connection with a groomer who is willing to work with you and your pet’s specific wants and needs. Remember: Not all groomers are created equal. We respect and understand your love for your pet and are eager to talk with you and set up an appointment. Give Lucky Dawg’s groomers a call at (310) 784-0775.

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Reasons Your Cat May Not Be Grooming Itself & How You Can Help

Reasons Your Cat May Not Be Grooming Itself & How You Can Help

Unlike dogs, cats tediously clean their coats from head to toe. They are experts at cleaning themselves and love keeping their coats spotless and tidy. It’s one of their main hobbies. But what happens when your cat’s self-grooming becomes a problem?

Sometimes, cats will stop grooming themselves out of nowhere, and you may suddenly notice that your cat constantly has dirty feet or doesn’t smell very good. You may wonder why this is happening, and what you can do to help.

Why Your Cat May Not Be Grooming Themselves

While it may be alarming when your cat stops grooming itself, it’s important to make sure to assess the situation to determine the cause, and then you can take appropriate action. A visit or call with the veterinarian is always a good idea, so that you can get a professional eye on the situation.

There are many ways to detect why your cat is not grooming itself on their own. The most common reasons why cats stop grooming themselves or groom themselves less are:

You have a senior cat.

Senior cats have special grooming needs. Just like people, cats have issues as they age, and their grooming is affected by it. They have physical changes, like arthritis and overgrown claws and are more prone to dental disease. Senior cats often clean themselves less often or even completely stop, which results in odor, hair matting, and other issues.

Your cat is ill.

If a cat has fallen ill or is in pain of any kind, it may be less interested in grooming itself. When a cat is ill, they have detectable changes in habits, such as increased sleeping, eating less, or a change in litter box use. If a cat has gum disease, you will be able to see tooth decay or smell bad breath. Gum disease makes grooming uncomfortable, which can result in grooming less or not at all. Your cat may also have a bone or joint disorder that causes them to ignore certain spots.

After you’ve kept an eye on your cat’s behavioral changes for a while, contact your vet with your results and see what you need to do next.

Your cat is overweight.

Do you know how much your cat weighs? When a cat is overweight, it can have trouble reaching certain parts of its body and may stop attempting to groom these areas anymore. If you need to get your cat weighed to help determine if this is the cause of their grooming issues, contact your vet to make an appointment.

In any case, a cat’s weight can be controlled by switching to a healthier food and controlling portions. This can help ease their grooming issues and get them back in shape.

Your cat may have never learned.

Some cats have grooming issues from the start of life. When separated with their mother too early, they may have not developed the skills to properly groom themselves throughout life. In this case, you’ll likely need to help with your cat’s grooming regularly, but they may catch on as you do so.

Summary: When cats stop grooming themselves, there are a few common reasons. It may be because you have a senior cat, or your cat might be ill. It also may be because your cat is overweight, or they may have never learned how to groom themselves properly as a kitten. In any case, it’s a great idea to take your cat to the vet for a medical analysis.


How To Help Your Cat With Grooming


Bathing is a great for your cat, if your cat is having grooming problems or if they’re not. You’ll be able to spot any fleas or ticks that might be present and get a closer look at the coat to detect any abnormalities.


Daily or regular brushing of your cat’s hair can help eliminate matting, which can make your cat uncomfortable. It will help new hair growth and help bring back your cat’s natural skin oils. Your cat may really enjoy the feeling of being brushed

Trim Their Nails

When your cat’s nails are trimmed, they are free from pain and discomfort of overgrown nails, just like people. Since most house cats don’t run around on concrete daily, your cat won’t wear its own nails out, so owners can easily help with grooming in this area.

Ear Washing

To keep infections at bay, regularly wash your cat’s ears with ear cleaner, which helps clear out any buildup and sanitize inner ears. In addition, you’ll keep them free from ear mites, which can be a recurring problem in some cats.

Schedule A Vet Visit

When your cat is having trouble grooming on a regular basis, there may be an underlying issue at hand that needs to be dealt with by your vet. You can get a plan for getting your pet back to good health, and you can have peace of mind knowing that your cat is getting any major issue at hand taken care of.

Summary: There are many ways that you can help a cat that is having trouble grooming themselves, including bathing them, brushing their coat regularly, trimming their nails, washing their ears, and scheduling a vet visit.


Experience Our Professional Cat Grooming Services

Lucky Dawg Pet Services offers both salon pet grooming and mobile pet grooming services for your cat, and we’d love to pamper him or her at your convenience. We’re a family owned and operated pet grooming salon that’s been in business for over 20 years. Our personal and friendly staff is ready to love on your cat and make them feel at home in our salon.

Not only will we expertly and efficiently groom your cat, we’ll also help you detect any problems that we see during the service, and the service will take only two hours or less.

Whether you’d like your cat to receive our bath service, our bath with tidy up service, our bath with a haircut and style service, or any of our additional services, your precious feline will feel refreshed and better than ever after our visit.

Summary: Lucky Dawg Pet Services is a family owned and operated provider of pet grooming services, both in our salon and through our mobile grooming service. We have a wide range of grooming options to fit your needs and budget, and we’d love to pamper your cat anytime.

Let Us Help Your Cat With Grooming Today

Our salon is open 7 days/week from 8 am to 5 pm to fit your busy schedule. To set up a mobile grooming appointment in the convenience of your home, call 310-784-0566, or to set up a salon grooming appointment, call 310-784-0775. You can also contact us through our website form anytime! We look forward to serving you and your cat.

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