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Avoid These Common Dog Grooming Mistakes

Maybe you’ve realized your dog is looking a little scruffy, and is in need of dog grooming. You want your pup to look and feel good and it’s important to you to be a responsible pet owner. Or possibly you have family coming over and just want him or her to look extra...

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Finding The Right Pet Groomer

Your pet is part of the family. You don’t intend to trust your baby to just anyone and we respect that! Not all groomers are created equal and building a relationship with a groomer over time is essential for a successful long-term relationship. Your dog or cat trusts...

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Is Your Dog In Pain? 5 Signs To Look For

When it comes to your dog, you’ll go to great lengths to care for your pet. Unless it is clear that your dog is in pain by way of a physical cut, noticeable limp, or lack of mobility, often times dogs must signal distress in other ways. When dogs are stressed, their...

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How To Remove Matted Dog Hair At Home

When's the last time you groomed your dog? If it's been a while, your dog's coat may have developed tangled and matted areas. This can create lots of problems for pet owners. As well as looking unsightly, it can lead to skin irritation and infection, and is difficult...

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4 Essential Tips For Grooming Your Cat

I don't know about you, but swimming with sharks or cliff jumping sounds less dangerous than attempting to bathe and groom a cat. All of you cat lovers out there can understand what I'm talking about. Besides, cats groom themselves right? Why even bother going through...

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