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Pet Grooming: All The Benefits & Perks

Pet Grooming: All The Benefits & Perks

Both dogs and cats can benefit from professional pet grooming services. From feeling loved and cared for to preventing health problems, grooming is just an all-around great experience for your furry friend. Sure, you can always bathe your dog or cat by yourself, but what fun is that? Also, bathing a cat can be a bit of a tricky experience that is best left to the professionals.

Dropping your beloved pet off at the grooming salon can also be beneficial for you, too! It gives you a chance to run some errands, spend an hour or two with a friend, and takes the burden of pet grooming off your hands. Grooming services are great for the entire family for more than one reason.

Are There Benefits For Grooming Your Cat?

In short, – Yes! Cats are naturally self-grooming animals and do not need frequent grooming like dogs. However, a periodic professional pet grooming session is extremely beneficial for your cat. Some kitties simply aren’t great at grooming themselves, or they have medical issues that prohibit them from doing it at all.

Depending on the breed of cat that you have, some can have longer hair than others. The longer the hair, the more at risk your cat is of getting mats. A groomer can successfully comb out any existing mats and give your cat a healthy hair trim to prevent any further ones. When your cat has fewer mats, it will lead to a healthier, more comfortable coat.

Cats that experience professional grooming services are less apt to shed. This can be very beneficial to and your loved ones if any of you have allergies. Plus, less shedding means less pet hair to clean up in your home.

Cats can sometimes develop skin conditions or parasites that are often hard to see, especially if you don’t know what to look for. A professional groomer can spot these issues that can plague your cat’s health because they have a trained eye.

DIY Pet Grooming Your Dog Is Just As Good As Professional Grooming, Right?

In all honesty, no, it isn’t. Sure, you can give your good old boy (or girl) a bath in the family tub or with the garden hose to keep them clean in between professional grooms, but that doesn’t take the place of expert pet grooming services. Just like cats, your dog’s coat needs some serious TLC from a trained pet groomer who knows how to care for an assortment of breeds.

Dogs often require nail trims to keep their paws and nail beds healthy. Trying to trim your dog’s nails on your own can lead to all sorts of undesirable occurrences that range from clipping your dog’s skin to your dog becoming so agitated that they bite you. Yes, this can happen even if your dog is the least aggressive four-legged fur baby on the planet.

Pet grooming for your dog can give them a chance to socialize with other dogs and humans, too! This can be a fun and exciting time for your pet. Everyone needs new friends, and this includes the creatures of the animal kingdom. However, if your dog doesn’t do well around other dogs, simply tell your groomer so that arrangements can be made.

One of the biggest benefits of having your dog groomed is keeping them healthy. Sure, your pup will look and smell pretty after a fresh bath and fur trim, but your groomer will also be able to spot health issues on the skin, teeth, ears, and eyes.

Mobile Pet Grooming Can Make The Experience Easier On You & Your Furry Friend

Sometimes, taking your dog or cat to the grooming salon isn’t an option. Perhaps your pet has anxiety issues when it comes to riding in the car, or maybe you have limited mobility and can’t take them. Whatever the reason may be, mobile pet grooming can help!

Lucky Dawg Pet Services offers professional mobile pet grooming that you and your fur baby will love! Your pet gets to experience all the perks of the salon but in your driveway. Mobile pet groomers come fully prepared to give your dog or cat the star treatment, and you never have to leave the house.

Get Professional Pet Grooming With Lucky Dawg Pet Services

Our company offers high-quality pet grooming services for both cats and dogs. We help keep your four-legged friend’s coat clean, shiny, and healthy. Our team of groomers has been well-trained, and each has a passion for providing exemplary pet care. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment for professional grooming services. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook!

Why Pet Owners Need A Professional Groomer

Why Pet Owners Need A Professional Groomer

Pet grooming is one of the sweetest things you can do for your dog. For one, it helps keep their skin, coat, and nails healthy and for two, it’s loving! Just like humans, Man’s Best Friend needs a trip to the beauty salon for some pampering. There are certain aspects of dog grooming that only a trained professional can achieve. Sure, anyone can give their dog a bath, but why not give your pooch the star treatment by booking a grooming session instead?

We, at Lucky Dawg Pet Services, take our jobs very seriously. We want the best possible grooming experience for your furry friend.

Professional Pet Grooming Is The Safer Option

Well-meaning pet owners have been struggling to give their pets a proper bath for decades. For many, this process is terribly difficult, even if they are calm. Once your docile friend sees that they have to get into a tub of water, all bets are off! Before you know it, you and your pet are soaking wet and miserable.

Professional pet groomers are trained to brush, bathe, and trim your pet’s coat. Believe it or not, there’s a method to grooming that pet owners may not be aware of. There is also the issue of checking your pet’s skin for problems, a task that isn’t for the untrained eye.

Speaking of eyes, your pet’s eye health depends on professional removal of sticky “boogers” and gunk from the area. In addition, ear cleaning is also part of a pet groomers job.

Lastly, there is the expression of anal glands. This is a very sensitive area on a dog’s body. As unpleasant as it may be (for both dog and groomer) anal glands must be adequately expressed to avoid infection and discomfort. There aren’t very many pet owners who can or are willing to perform this task.

Specialty Grooming Services

You still might be thinking that grooming your cat or dog on your own is doable. We are willing to bet you won’t feel this way if your beloved dog is sprayed by a skunk. In fact, we are pretty sure you won’t even want them in the house!

Professional pet groomers are able to de-skunk your dog using special soaps and shampoos that’ll toss out the stink and leave your pet with a fresh, shiny coat.

Other Specialty Services Include:

These are all treatments that require a professional groomer’s expertise. You want the appropriate products and methods applied to your dog. Trying to choose a product from the pet store shelf can be daunting! Your groomer will know just what to do for your furry family member should they get into a scuffle with a skunk, become infested with fleas, or need their pearly whites touched up.

Order Up Some Bling For Your Pet

A more fun aspect of pet grooming is styling your dog’s hair and making them look like a million bucks! You may not realize this, but attaching a tiny bow to a dog’s head isn’t as easy as it sounds. Our professional groomers know how to place bows and jewelry onto your pet’s fur without pulling and causing discomfort.

Dying your furry friend’s hair is fun and exciting! However, trying to do this yourself is dangerous. Our salon uses non-toxic dyes that are safe for your pet’s coat and skin. We also know exactly how to apply the dye and for how long to keep it on.

Your pet can leave the salon with feather extensions, a colorful bandana, and even blingy jewelry.

A Positive Experience

Lucky Dawg makes it our top priority to see that your pet has a stellar grooming experience. Your pet will never be kept in a crate or cage. We also try to make sure your pet sees the same groomer at each session. You can even choose to have a male or female groomer, depending on the needs of your cat/dog.

Each four-legged guest receives a personalized pampering session.

Get Fantastic Pet Grooming Service At Lucky Dawg

It is our pleasure to pamper your pet and provide them with outstanding pet grooming services. Lucky Dawg has two grooming options available: mobile and salon. Contact us today, and we’ll help you decide on which method works best for you and your dog. Our caring staff has years of experience in the grooming field. We guarantee your ultimate satisfaction!

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Finding The Right Pet Groomer

Finding The Right Pet Groomer

Your pet is part of the family. You don’t intend to trust your baby to just anyone and we respect that! Not all groomers are created equal and building a relationship with a groomer over time is essential for a successful long-term relationship.

Your dog or cat trusts that you are looking out for their best interest so it is natural that you would take this decision seriously. You should build a friendly relationship with a groomer who loves what they do, is willing to work with you and your pet’s needs and who will spend the time to answer any and all of your questions.

If a groomer is not willing to sit and chat about your needs, give you a tour of their workspace or make you feel comfortable then they are not the groomer for you. He or she should understand your love for your pet and respect your need for reassurance.

What Do Pet Groomers Do?

Pet groomers serve a wide variety of roles and they do all sorts of things related to the cleanliness and hygiene of your pet.

Some of the responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • brushing and cutting the fur
  • clipping nails
  • cleaning ears
  • bathing the animals
  • anal expression
  • drying the fur
  • styling the fur
  • sanitizing combs and shears and other tools
  • scheduling appointments and customer service duties
  • reporting issues to pet owners
  • guiding pet owners about proper pet hygiene

Good pet groomers are generally patient animal lovers who don’t mind getting their hands a little “dirty”. They are almost always pet owners themselves.

Summary: Pet groomers have a wide array of duties and the job requires many skills, but the most important qualification is usually loving animals.


How Are Pet Groomers Trained?

There are no strict formal education requirements for becoming a pet groomer and most groomers acquire training through apprenticeship programs. These are usually about 6-10 weeks long and they learn all about bathing, drying, cutting, nail clipping, dog and cat handling and more. This hands-on training under the supervision of experienced groomers prepares them for working in a grooming facility.

Summary: Pet groomers go through different types of training depending on their employer but generally apprentice before going to work on their own.

What Services Does Your Pet Need?

Different groomers provide different services. Possible services you may need include:

  • Bath
  • Anal gland expression
  • Undercoat removal
  • De-skunking
  • Flea relief
  • Teeth-brushing
  • De-matting hair
  • Ear cleaning
  • Hair style or trim
  • Specific standards for breeds

Summary: Choosing a groomer will depend to some degree on yours and your pets’ needs.

Questions To Ask A Groomer

Ask the groomer to sit and chat with you. Tell them about your needs and expectations. Ask if they will give you a tour of their workplace. They should work hard to earn your trust and make you feel comfortable. If not, move on.

Here are some good questions to get you started:

  • Can I stay with my pet and watch?
  • Can I see your tools and shampoos, etc?
  • How long have you been doing this?
  • Have you ever been bitten?
  • How do you ensure the safety of the animals in your care?
  • How will my pet be dried?
  • Have you ever worked with a pet like mine?
  • What types of animals do you groom?
  • Will my pet have the same groomer every time?
  • How long can my pet stay after his or her services are complete?
  • Can you groom a dog or cat to breed standards?
  • Do you use any tranquilizers or any kinds of medications?
  • How long will a session take?
  • Do you have references?

Summary: Ask your pet groomer lots of questions.


Are They Passionate About Pet Grooming?

There are a couple of key signs that a groomer is a passionate provider and not just there to collect your check. For one thing, pet groomers who care are interested in looking out for your pet. A good groomer will look out for health issues, rashes, a scab, signs of gum bleeding, etc.

In addition, passionate and caring groomers have probably been doing this for a while or have worked in other fields with animals in the past. They may have certifications that go above and beyond what is required, and they should definitely have a reputation for great service. Which brings us to the next point.

Summary: Passionate pet groomers will go above and beyond. Go with your instincts when you meet the prospective groomer.

Ask Around

Talk to people in your area and ask them who they use or who they recommend. Then, take their advice to heart. Be sure to ask people who feel the same way that you do about your pet, of course. Ask them about how the services were, whether they thought the prices were reasonable, whether their pet seemed anxious after leaving, etc.

Summary: A great groomer will have a solid reputation in the community.

Is A Mobile Pet Groomer Right For You?

Mobile pet grooming is a new trend and the innovative grooming setup allows for maximum comfort and less stress for everyone… especially your pets. Dogs and cats are often much less nervous if they are not forced to leave their homes and owners can relax knowing that they are right there with their pet. Mobile groomers are ideal for people who have limited time, whose pets are anxious when brought to the groomer or for pet owners who have limited mobility.

Summary: Mobile grooming facilities like Lucky Dawg’s van are a great way to save time and reduce stress.

Your pet is part of the family and you should build a connection with a groomer who is willing to work with you and your pet’s specific wants and needs. Remember: Not all groomers are created equal. We respect and understand your love for your pet and are eager to talk with you and set up an appointment. Give Lucky Dawg’s groomers a call at (310) 784-0775.

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Salon Or Mobile Grooming: Which Is The Best Fit For You And Your Furry Friend?

Salon Or Mobile Grooming: Which Is The Best Fit For You And Your Furry Friend?

Pet grooming refers to both the hygienic care and cleaning of your cat or dog through bathing, hair removal, and nail clipping. Grooming is an essential part in keeping your pet happy and healthy and improves your pet’s lifespan. Regular grooming helps keep your dog or cat comfortable and promotes a positive well-being. How often your pet should be groomed depends on a few factors, including its breed, age, and health. If your breed of pet tends to shed quite frequently, they may require grooming more often than other breeds.

Washing your pet in the tub may not be the best option for you. If this is the case, finding a good pet groomer should be a priority. While we all want our pets to look and smell their best, what is most important is their safety and happiness. The grooming process typically includes a bath, haircut, brushing, and styling. Investing in regular grooming for your furry friend is important for a number of reasons. More specifically, pet grooming is beneficial in that it:

• maintains a healthy coat and skin

• reduces shedding with shiny, healthy and properly brushed coats

• promotes the overall cleanliness of the pet to look and smell great

• reinforces healthy foot structure and posture and reduces the risk of infection with regular nail trims

• monitors the health of your pet by checking for cuts, swellings, lameness, or changes in temperament, which could indicate illness or disease

• allows for early detection of issues with ears, skin, and teeth

• decreases the chance of your pet developing various health problems, particularly skin infections, diseases, and dandruff

• reduces the infestation load of external parasites on skin

When it comes to pet grooming, there are multiple options you can choose from for your furry friend. But which one is the best fit for your pet? Many pet grooming facilities provide a safe, stress-free experience. Trained groomers are attentive to each individual pet’s needs and allow for frequent rest breaks if the pet requires it. Let’s compare the benefits of salon style grooming to mobile pet grooming to help you decide which option is right for you and your dog or cat.


Why Choose Salon Pet Grooming

When trying to find a trustworthy dog or cat groomer, you have lots of options. Salon pet grooming is a great option for many reasons and one of them is cost. Because mobile groomers come directly to you, they can charge more than the average grooming salon and may even add an hourly convenience fee. Another benefit is the physical space. Salons have visible environments that allow pet owners to see that their furry friends are being treated well. If your pet is not responding well to their assigned groomer, other professionally trained groomers will be close on hand to step in and help put your dog or cat at ease.

When you check out a grooming salon for the first time, be sure to review the credentials of the groomers, including their certifications to know about their training and experience. A qualified groomer will have knowledge in safety procedures as well, including health and hygiene practices, animal handling techniques, behavior management, and first aid. Carefully check out the salon to make sure it is clean, tidy, and odor free. Ask yourself if you feel comfortable leaving your pet in this environment. If you have any reservations about how your pet may be handled at the salon, find a facility that will allow you to stay and watch in an effort to alleviate your pet’s stress.

In comparison to mobile grooming, which may only take an hour or so, salon grooming takes quite a bit more time to complete the process. A typical grooming session lasts three to four hours, which includes a break to play or just hang out. The long stay can sometimes cause a lot of stress, particularly for an older pet. It may be because of the strange, unfamiliar environment or being around other cats or dogs.


Why Choose Mobile Pet Grooming

During your regular commute to work or to the grocery store, you may have noticed mobile grooming vans driving throughout your city. With the cute pictures of fluffy dogs and cats displayed on these vehicles, you may have been drawn in and considered if this style of pet grooming is right for you. So what are the benefits and drawbacks of using mobile groomers?

Mobile services provide convenience and quality. Mobile grooming is easy to use in that the groomer comes directly to you. Additionally, mobile groomers may offer early morning, late night, or weekend appointments that many traditional salons don’t offer. Pets are cared for one at a time and receive individualized attention from the groomer. Your pet will never spend any time in a cage and will never have to put up with scary kennel dryers surrounded by other loud and intimidating pets. Many pets become anxious or agitated when in close proximity to other animals. With mobile grooming, this isn’t an issue. Another added benefit is that while some pets experience separation anxiety when left at a salon or become anxious or car sick while traveling to the salon appointment, mobile grooming eliminates this concern.

Instead of seeing a different groomer each time, mobile grooming allows for your pet to see the same groomer on each visit, which builds trust and overall comfort. The professional pet groomer can easily add the personal touch of welcoming your dog or cat by name as soon as you see the mobile van pull up to your home or workplace.

Similar to salon grooming, it is also recommended that pet owners thoroughly inspect the mobile van before choosing to go with this option. Vans will have windows all around so owners can easily watch their dog or cat throughout the grooming process.

While mobile pet grooming provides a convenient and easy way to get your furry friend smelling and looking their best, the service isn’t for everyone. If you’re searching for a professional pet groomer in your area, first evaluate different salons and mobile groomers before deciding which is the best fit for your cat or dog.


Choosing The Best Fit For You And Your Furry Friend

After weighing both grooming options, you’ll need to choose the best fit for you and your pet. Each option has its own benefits and drawbacks. Consider which benefits are most important to you and your pet’s lifestyle. Your pet’s grooming needs will likely depend on its breed, age, and health. In particular, different dog breeds have their own specialized grooming needs.

Lucky Dawg Pet Services is a great option that offers both salon and mobile pet grooming services. Covering multiple areas within Torrance, California, find a service center near you and call to schedule an appointment for salon grooming (310) 784-0775 or mobile grooming (310) 784-0566. Lucky Dawg Salon Pet Grooming is a modern, spacious salon that takes care of both dogs and cats and avoids using cages, crates, and cage dryers. If you’re looking for the mobile option, Lucky Dawg Mobile Pet Grooming comes to your home or office at an agreed upon appointment time. Services last about 75 minutes and take place in fully equipped pet grooming vans. Your pet will be treated to a hydro surge infused shampoo bath, coat conditioner, hand dry, and brushing service.

What to Look For In a Pet Grooming Service

What to Look For In a Pet Grooming Service

You’d be amazed at how a professional groomer can completely transform your dog.

Taking them to get their coat shampooed, conditioned and trimmed can leave them looking, smelling and feeling much better than before. However, that’s only if you find the right one.

The last thing you want is to be disappointed by a sub-par service. That’s why you need to do your research first. In this article, we’ll tell you some of the biggest indicators of a great pet grooming service.

How to Select the Right Pet Grooming Company

Before leaving your pet with any groomer, make sure you check these four boxes first.

1. Pay a Visit First

A quick Google search for ‘dog grooming near me’ will bring up most of the salons in your area. From there, you have to whittle the list down. The best way to do that is to walk into a few of them and take a look around.

When you do, the first thing you should look for is cleanliness. If it smells bad, or you see any signs of poor hygiene, walk away.

Also, pay attention to the way employees handle the animals. Are they being gentle and paying close attention to each dog? Are the cages the right size for each dog? If so, you can feel good about leaving your pet in their hands.

2. Check their Background and Certifications

Every professional pet grooming service needs to be licensed and certified.

Owners and employees should have certifications to show that they have completed courses from grooming schools. Ideally, this should include medical training, too.

Usually, you can find these certificates displayed on the wall of a salon or on the website. If you can’t find any, feel free to ask about what kind of training employees are given. Reputable groomers will be happy to answer. If you find them to be evasive or dismissive, take it as a warning sign!

3. Find Out What Products they Use

Make sure a groomer uses high-quality shampoos, conditioners, and treatments instead of cheap ones that are filled with chemicals.

This is especially important if your dog has an allergy or sensitive skin.

A professional salon shouldn’t be using the same low-end products you can buy at the supermarket. If they do, look elsewhere.

4. Ask About their Vaccination Policy

Some grooming salons require all dogs to be up to date on their shots before being treated.

rabies vaccination is always required by law. When it comes to other shots, such a Bordetella, distemper, and hepatitis, policies vary from place to place.

Before taking your dog to any groomer, find out their policy for vaccinations. If they’re strict and your dog isn’t up to date, you’ll have to look elsewhere. On the other hand, if they’re not, there is a greater chance of your pet contracting a virus or infection from another dog at the salon.

Do your research, and make sure the salon’s stance on this matches your own.

Visit Lucky Dawg Salon

At Lucky Dawg salon, we’re serious about pet grooming.

As well as the usual bathing, trimming and cleaning services, we also offer some extras to give your dog a touch of unique style.

We can add coloring, designs, accessories, extensions, and even some bling to your dog’s coat. Contact us today for questions, ideas or your pets next grooming service!

Budget-Friendly Pet Pampering: A Guide

Budget-Friendly Pet Pampering: A Guide

We all love our pet companions and want to pamper them whenever possible. Did you know that pet pampering can be done without going over your budget?

There are many wonderful ways we can let our pets know they’re special that won’t break the bank.

Check out these great pet pampering ideas that don’t cost much, but are perfect for making your pets feel loved and special.

Invest in a Comfy Bed

A comfortable bed is a wonderful item for any pet to have. It’s a safe place where they can rest, sleep, or just have quiet time.

Invest in a bed that will give your pet plenty of cushion and support. Make sure it’s also easy to wash because even though they’ll dirty it, pets love a clean bed.

Feed Your Pet Well

High-quality pet food may cost a little more than cheaper alternatives, but the nutrition is far superior.

Feeding your pet healthy food daily helps prevent a number of health problems. It also ensures that they’ll feel energetic, not lethargic.

Many foods are available that leave out fillers that add no nutritional value. There are also grain free and organic options. Your pet deserves to be pampered with great nutrition that promotes good health.

Offer Healthy Treats

It’s always fun to reward your pets with delicious treats. It’s exciting for them to receive little tidbits at various times.

There are many healthy options for pet treats. Having some on hand for your special critter lets them know they’re loved.

Spend Quality Time with Your Pet

Nothing can take the place of your time, attention, and affection. Spending as much quality time as possible with your pet is one of the best ways you can pamper them.

This is especially important if you have to spend long periods of time away from your companion. You’ll need to dedicate time to spend interacting with them so they can stay mentally and physically healthy.

Plan Special Activities

Most pets have special activities they love, from taking a walk in a new place to playing at a dog park.

Special activities aren’t just for dogs. Cats love safe, supervised time outside and extra playtime that is out of the ordinary as well.

Keep your pet healthy and happy with planned, fun, and enjoyable activities. These add stimulation and excitement to your pet’s usual routine.

Keep Up With Their Grooming

A clean, well-groomed pet is a happy one. It’s always a good idea to invest in grooming services for your fur baby.

Even something as simple as a regular bath by trained professionals can make a huge difference in the condition of your pet’s coat. Special, unique grooming extras add sweet finishing touches.

Pet Pampering for Your Special Companion

There are many ways to pamper your pets that don’t have to be expensive. Our pets give us so much, it’s nice to be able to spoil them as often as we can.

We would love to pamper your pet, also. For quality, experienced grooming services for your special pet, contact us today.