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7 Great Benefits of Cat Grooming

7 Great Benefits of Cat Grooming

For the most part, cats are low-maintenance pets. They don’t need outdoor walks, they can go to the restroom without your help, and they handle most of their grooming themselves.

There are certain aspects of healthy grooming that your cat can’t do independently, though. While it can be difficult to find a cat groomer you trust, this should really be routine for any cat.

To learn more, check out these benefits of a professional cat grooming session.

Benefits of Professional Cat Grooming

Regular grooming sessions will help you and your furry friend at the same time. Here are just a few of the benefits:

1. Less Claw Danger

When left unchecked, a cat’s claws can grow dangerously long and sharp. They’re meant to be built-in weapons, after all.

If you don’t trim your cat’s claws, though, they can be dangerous to your cat as well as the other pets and people in your home. A cat can cut his/her paw pads by retracting long claws too quickly.

To avoid this risk and the challenge of trimming your cat’s claws yourself, a professional groomer is a great choice.

2. Fewer Hairballs

Some cats have more issues with hairballs than others. Even if your cat doesn’t normally have them, causing your cat to swallow more hair isn’t doing him/her any favors.

Regular grooming sessions can brush away shedding fur before your cat swallows it while self-grooming. This is one of the best ways to cut back on hairballs.

3. Keep Matting at Bay

Especially if your cat isn’t the best self-groomer, matting hair can be a real problem. At a minimum, matting hinders your cat’s ability to produce natural oils that keep his/her skin and hair healthy. In more severe cases, though, matting can cause pain and even tear your cat’s delicate skin.

Regular trips to the groomer can brush the hair before matting begins. Grooming also keeps your cat’s fur to a more manageable length to make matting less likely.

4. Allergen Reduction

If someone in your family or someone who often visits your home is allergic to cats, grooming will do them a favor. Regular grooming reduces the dander that gets spread around your home, helping allergic folks stay more comfortable.

5. Bug Detection

It can be difficult for pet owners to see fleas and ticks on a cat, especially if yours isn’t much of a cuddler. A professional groomer keeps an eye out for bugs and parasites while grooming your cat so you can start a flea and tick control regimen.

6. Less Shedding

Every cat owner knows that dusting your home doesn’t last long. Shedding cat hair has a way of attaching to everything almost immediately. Regular grooming sessions, however, will keep up with shedding better so less hair ends up around your home.

7. Comfort with Humans

Cats are naturally self-protective and they don’t trust people easily. If you want your cat to become more accustomed to handling, grooming sessions are like cat therapy. This is especially true for experienced professional cat groomers who know how to keep a cat calm.

Should You Start Regular Cat Grooming?

Cat grooming has plenty of benefits that most cat owners don’t realize. Fortunately, it’s never too late to reap the rewards.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, reach out to our mobile cat groomers.

Professional Pet Grooming Services for Your Pet

Professional Pet Grooming Services for Your Pet

Owning a cat or a dog comes with several responsibilities. Not only do they need to be fed, but they need exercise, veterinary care, and grooming. Both cats and dogs require grooming at some level. While there are dog breeds that have specific standards when it comes to grooming, those that do not require at least a bath and a brush out on a regular basis.

Depending on the needs of the pet, there are different levels of pet grooming services. The basic level includes a bath along with a nail trim, ear cleaning, and a brushing. Even dogs that have short hair can benefit from the basic service. Some people may think that this level of grooming can be done at home, but what may be overlooked with a home grooming are the special needs of the breed in terms of shampoo and trimming.

The next level of service may include extra trimming of the face, ears, and paws. Dogs that have medium to long hair are best suited for this level of grooming. Trimming of the hair between the paw pads is important because when dogs go outside, burrs, fox-tails, and other sharp objects can attach themselves to the hair between the paws. This can cause pain and discomfort, and in some cases, can lead to infection. A professional who is trained in dog grooming can properly trim the paw pads in an effort to reduce the risks of the dog picking up any foreign objects. Some breeds may require even more grooming that will keep their fur styled according to their breed standard. For example, poodles have a distinct hairstyle that can only be done properly by a professional.

When most people think of grooming a pet, they think of dogs. There are also several professionals trained in cat grooming. Cats need grooming to keep their coats free of mats, and to keep their nails and paws trimmed. Much like dogs, some cat breeds require a specific hairstyle that is best done by a professional. In general, cats can be difficult to groom since most are not fond of water, but professional cat groomers have methods that allow them to bathe, brush and trim the cat.

Having your pet professionally groomed not only makes your pet feel better, but it also provides you with peace of mind knowing that your pet is receiving quality care.