Keeping Your Pet Flea Free

Flea Control

It can be heartbreaking to watch a pet struggling with itching because of a flea infestation. For many pet owners, this can be even more frustrating because there is a chance the problem could have been prevented. Check out these options for keeping your pet flea-free and happy.


There are two different types of flea collars that pet owners can choose from. One works to repel pests, ensuring that a pet never gets bitten. The other only works once a pet is bitten, killing the flea after it has ingested the insecticide. Most collars serve to help with both fleas and ticks. The results can last for several months and, in some cases, can be the least expensive of all the options. Be sure to mention that a pet has been wearing a flea collar when bringing him or her in for pet grooming.

Liquid Applications

Topical treatments for fleas are popular with pet owners because of their effectiveness. Despite the fact that the liquid must be applied every thirty days to the skin between the shoulder blades, it gives many owners peace of mind when it comes to the health of their furry friends. The solution is absorbed by a pet’s body and begins to work in as little as twenty four hours. Some solutions treat more than just the adult fleas. They also work to prevent eggs and larvae from fully developing.


One of the latest forms of flea prevention comes in the form of a chewable tablet. Pets ingest the medicine and get protection from more than just fleas. They are also given a layer of protection from parasites that might try to attack the intestines. For many pet owners, this opens up a brand new world of possibility as dealing with fleas is easier than ever. As an added bonus, certain brands of the medication can also help with heartworm prevention.

Getting rid of and preventing fleas can be a huge concern for pet owners. It makes it possible to bring a pet to a dog grooming appointment without fear of bringing along other unwanted guests. It can prevent fleas from trying to establish a living arrangement inside of a person’s home.

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