Pet Pampering: A Guide to Grooming Your Pet

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You may not be a professional, but as your feline’s friend and your canine’s companion, you’re responsible for the health of your pet – and grooming your dog or cat is an essential piece of the puzzle! Not to worry, though – it’s definitely possible to keep your pet looking their best by allowing Lucky Dawg Salon Grooming to handle all of your pets grooming needs. When you come in, you have the option to use our self service area and these are some tips on how to make the grooming experience pleasant for both the four-legged and two-legged members of your family!

To keep your pet relaxed and content, try to groom them when you’re not rushed and they’ve had enough food and exercise. Most don’t have the patience to sit for hours on end, either, so keep your pet grooming sessions brief. Help your pet to become accustomed to touch by including gentle, all-over body handling into your daily routine, and don’t forget to offer praise and give your dog or cat a treat or small bit of wet food as a reward – it’ll help them see their grooming sessions in a positive light.

Although dogs and cats will groom themselves to a certain extent, they definitely need help from us. Brushing removes dirt and dead hair, and both prevents tangles and distributes the skin oils through their coat, keeping it soft and shiny. Gradually introduce new pet grooming tools and let your cat or dog have a chance to check them out before you use them. For short coated dogs, a rubber brush to loosen dirt and hair is usually fine for grooming. Use a fine comb to work out tangles and mats for your longhaired pup or kitty, and then use a bristle brush to smooth the coat afterwards. For pets with really dense fur or double coats (like Huskies or Maine Coon cats), you might need to use a wide tooth comb or brush to loosen dead hair and tangles, and then a slicker or bristle brush afterwards.

If you’re planning on giving your pet a bath, make sure that you’ve combed all the mats and tangles out first. Keep in mind that most cats don’t need or enjoy baths, since they groom themselves, but some do need a scrub once in a while – or even a trim if they’re particularly prone to matting! Making sure that you have non-slip mats in place, place Fido or Felix in the tub and pour warm water over them to wet their coat, being careful not to spray in their eyes or ears. Work shampoo down to their skin, and really make sure that you rinse well afterwards to prevent skin irritation. With nervous or wiggly pets, having an extra pair of hands to help or offer treats can be invaluable!

We shouldn’t forget about our pet’s nails, either. Using sharp guillotine or scissors-style clippers, hold your dog or cat’s paw gently and trim off the tip of each nail before it begins to curve, at a 45 degree angle to the floor.

Though many cat and dog owners are proficient home groomers for their pets, for others, professional cat or dog grooming services with Lucky Dawg Salon Grooming is ultimately the best and most convenient choice. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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