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We’ve all been there. Your pup just enjoyed a nice romp around the yard after a storm. They’re so excited that they brought the dirt and grime of the outdoors into your home.

That can only mean one thing: bath time!

But before you give your dog the full spa treatment, you’ll want to make sure you’re taking care of your pup.

Believe it or not, grooming and washing aren’t as easy as simply rinsing some shampoo out of their fur. In fact, the wrong grooming technique can actually hurt your furry friend.

Make sure you’re avoiding these top dog grooming mistakes so your dog can get back to playtime!

1. Trimming Their Nails Too Close

If you can hear your dog’s nails clicking on the floor from rooms away, it’s time for a trim. Thousands of years ago, wild dogs needed their claws to hunt prey.

These days, however, long nails can be a troublesome feature. A simple jump can result in a cut and don’t get us started on the furniture damage.

The ASPCA notes that it’s important to keep your dog’s nails short. Their recommendation is to clip your dog’s nails every few weeks according to their lifestyle.

But you’ll want to make sure you’re not trimming too close. The wrong trim can result in extreme pain for your dog, and even make their nails bleed. You’ll want to trim your dog’s nails as close to the cuticle as possible.

Make sure to have some extra treats on hand to keep your dog enticed! Most pups get nervous during a trimming, so take your time and be cautious.

2. Washing Your Dog’s Inner Ear Incorrectly

Your dog’s velvety ears need extra care. While many pet owners tend to overlook the importance of cleaning their ears, just as many don’t wash their pet’s head at all.

While you may be tempted to gently rinse out your dog’s ears, it’s not recommended. In fact, doing so could result in a pretty bad inner ear infection.

Your dog’s ears stay dry for a reason. Remember, moisture breeds bacteria, so think twice next time you reach for the shower head.

Instead, use a washcloth to gently clean your dog’s entire head. That means around their ears, eyes, and even snout. The dryer their ears, the better.

3. Using the Wrong Shampoo

Animals are a lot like people in the sense that they have different skin conditions. Some of us, for example, have more sensitive skin than our counterparts.

Make sure to consult your vet and ask about the best shampoo on the market. If your dog’s skin is extra sensitive, they may require a prescription shampoo.

And once you get a hold of that shampoo, be it wet or dry, make sure to rinse thoroughly and dry them off. Improper rinsing can leave your dog’s fur matted and irritated.

Top Dog Grooming: Leave It to the Pros

If you’re looking to get your pup clean, be sure to avoid the mistakes listed above. Remember, a clean dog is a healthy dog.

And if you could use some help getting your dog happy and healthy, why not give us a call? Our experienced team is ready to give your pooch the perfect treatment.