4 Reasons Why Pet Owners Should Regularly Use Groomers

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How often do you take your dog to professional groomers? Is it just a treat once in a while or part of your regular pet care routine?

Ideally, you should be going for regular visits. There are lots of benefits of professional grooming.

Read on to find out what grooming sessions can do for your pet.

1. Spot Health Problems

Your pet’s skin and coat can reveal all sorts of things about their health.

A professional groomer knows how to spot common health issues that you might not have noticed. These can include common problems like fleas, ticks, and skin infections. They also know how to detect infection or inflammation, which are sometimes more elusive.

If your groomer finds such an issue, they can let you know and give you guidance on how to fix it, which could save you a costly trip to the vet. It will also allow you to stop it from getting more serious.

2. Groomer Give Your Pet More Love!

Proper grooming can improve the relationship between you and your pet.

Hugging and petting an animal is particularly unpleasant when they’re dirty or smelly. They might be less likely to want to interact with you, too. If an animal has infections or sores hidden under their fur, they are likely to avoid being touched as it can be painful for them.

If they’re well groomed, they’ll be easier and more enjoyable to handle.

3. Improve Their Behavior

Getting your pet groomed can improve their behavior.

When they visit the groomers, they have to get used to being touched and groomed. Many pets are uncomfortable with having their paws, ears or tail touched, and professional grooming helps them to get used to it.

Sometimes, poor grooming can lead to behavioral problems, too. This happens when a pet is irritated. Regular grooming avoids this.

4. Keep Their Hair and Nails in Check

If your pet’s fur and nails are neglected, they could lead to problems further down the line.

Long, sharp nails are not only dangerous to you, but also to your pet, too. If they’re severely overgrown, they can dig into their paws, causing pain, infection, and walking problems.

Long hair growing over their eyes will restrict their vision, so it needs to be trimmed. If it’s not brushed regularly, it can get matted. This is likely to lead to skin irritation and hampers your pet with extra weight, which will cause them discomfort.

Having your pet’s coat groomed removes dead hair, dirt, and dandruff. It also brings out the natural oils in their coat, which keeps it soft and shiny.

Your pet doesn’t have to come out of the groomers with an outrageous hairstyle, just a healthy coat.

Keep Your Pet Happy

Taking your pet to the groomers will not only keep them looking great, but also make them healthier and happier.

If they’re in dire need of a makeover, it can even completely transform their look.

Visit our grooming salon and give your furry friend the VIP treatment!

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