Keep Your Dogs and Cats Happy With Regular Grooming

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Whether it’s for just a quick nail trim or the full beauty treatment, your pet always looks better after a trip to Lucky Dawgs Pet Grooming Services. Regular grooming visits are also proven to help your dog or cat feel better too; pets that keep up a grooming routine live longer and healthier lives. Owners of long haired and high maintenance breeds like poodles and Persians are familiar with the health benefits of professional grooming, but every animal companion can enjoy a better quality of life with a regular grooming.

There are few things that make a pet owner happier than a freshly bathed and sweet smelling furry friend, but a pet who is healthy and happy as well just may be one of them. Regular grooming can bring some basic health benefits to any dog or cat, regardless of their breed or coat condition. Grooming removes mats, snarls and tangles in your pet’s fur that pull at and irritate your pet’s skin. Just like an uncomfortably tight ponytail, matted fur can make a pet feel uncomfortable, or even stressed out, but a well groomed pet can enjoy healthy, happy skin. Regular visits also allow a professional groomer to check for fleas and ticks that can spread nasty diseases, and even examine your pet for any lumps, bumps or injuries that need to be seen to by a vet. This part of regular grooming can be an early detector of cancer; regular grooming could potentially save your pet’s life.

At Lucky Dawgs Pet Grooming, we’re proud to help you care for your pet and give it the long and healthy life it deserves. We offer many convenient locations to the residents of Torrance, CA and the surrounding area, as well as mobile grooming stations that can come to you.

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