The Ultimate Guide on How to Bathe a Kitten

how to bathe a kitten

You have your new kitten and you are ready to give them a bath. Where do you start and how do you make it enjoyable for both of you? While giving them a bath can be a lot of work, giving them a bath is an excellent way to bond with your new fur baby.

It’s a way to tell them you care for them. After all, they’re depended on you to show them how to fend for themselves and upkeep their cleanliness.

We understand if you’re nervous about how to bathe a kitten. That’s why we’ll go over everything that’s needed and everything that needs to be done to keep you and your kitty calm through the process.

Ready to find out the steps?

Let’s get into it!

Items Needed

Before you grab your kitten and take them straight to the bathing area, there are a few items that are necessary. Here’s a brief list.

  • Soft towel (hand towels work best)
  • Kitten or baby shampoo
  • Kitten treats
  • Cup

Once you’ve gathered the supplies, it’s time to move your kitten into the bath. Sinks are the ideal place as your fur baby is too small to be bathed in a bathtub.

How to Bathe a Kitten

Before you begin the process, make sure you’re calm. Being nervous or anxious will make it unpleasant for both you and your kitten. Remember that cats can sense our emotions.

Let’s go through the necessary steps to ensure your kitty is calm and gets clean.

Test the Water

Just because you like to take hot showers doesn’t mean your kitten will like the hot water too. Lukewarm temperature is best as it’ll prevent scolding. Think of your kitten like a baby–their skin is very sensitive.

If you have a drain stopper, you can place that in the drain. Fill it up just enough to submerge your kitten’s paws.

They may cry at first but if they don’t seem to be struggling to get out of the water, you can proceed. The key is to make sure your kitten is calm when exposed to water.

If they’re having trouble, get them in a calm state and return to the bathing area when you think they’re ready.

Moving on, use the cup to gently pour water all over your kitten. Do it gently and avoid getting water in his/her face.

Add Bubbles

Now that your kitty is soaked, it’s time to add the shampoo. A gentle formula is usually best but you can substitute kitten shampoo for natural baby shampoo if need be.

Apply the soap and gently massage it into their fur. Avoid getting soap in your kitty’s eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.

Once they’re all sudsy, you can wash off the bubbles using the cup again.

Drying Time

After the bath, your kitten is cold. Wrap them up gently in the towel.

Be sure to dry off their face, ears, and eyes to ensure no water gets in there. Give them a treat to let them know how good they were and that a bath is nothing to be afraid of.

Once they’re dried off, you can brush their fur so it won’t get tangled.

Your Kitten is Now Squeaky Clean

Knowing how to bathe a kitten doesn’t come easy at first. After time, you and your furry friend will come to enjoy this time together. Being prepared with useful tips will make the process that much more enjoyable.

If you decide you would rather leave the bathing to our team of professional groomers, schedule and appointment for a salon grooming session or set up a mobile pet grooming session and we’ll come directly to you!

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