The Top 5 Mistakes Owners Make When Washing A Dog

washing a dog

Is bathing your dog a fun experience–or is it more of a nightmare?

Whether your pup loves the water or hates it, bathing is an essential part of grooming your dog at home. So how can you make bathing safer and more pleasant for both you and your dog?

Here are our five expert tips for washing a dog at home.

1. Getting To The Tub

Does your dog run for the hills as soon as you fill up the tub? If bathing your dog turns into a fight before it even begins, it’s not going to be fun for anyone involved.

The last thing you want to do is reinforce your dog’s negative behavior of running away. Instead, use gentle words, treats, and plenty of reassurance to calmly coax him into the tub.

2. Water Temperature

Do you enjoy a freezing cold bath? Do you leap back if the water is too hot?

People don’t like temperature extremes–and neither do dogs. One of our most important dog bathing tips is to make sure the water is a safe and comfortably warm temperature for your pup.

And if the sound of running water makes him nervous, make sure you fill the tub before you bring him into the bathroom.

3. Avoid The Face

Many people enjoy the feeling of warm water running down their faces during a shower.

Chances are good that your dog doesn’t share that sentiment. Having water sprayed around their eyes, ears, and snout is likely to frighten them.

A better option during dog baths is to use a washcloth to gently clean your dog’s face. And when you rinse his neck area, aim the water away from his face so it doesn’t run into his eyes and ears.

4. Wrong Shampoo

Just like baby shampoo is designed for babies, dog shampoos are designed for dogs. A dog’s skin has a different pH balance than human skin, so our shampoo isn’t the best option for dog baths.

Be sure to pick up a specially formulated dog shampoo at your local pet store. This is especially important if your dog suffers from any skin problems.

5. Bathing Too Often

The last of our dog bathing tips refers to frequency.

How often should you wash a dog? Well, dogs naturally groom themselves, so you probably don’t need to bathe your dog more than once every month or so.

If you wash him too frequently, you can strip away essential oils from his skin and leave it prone to dryness or irritation. Check with your vet or local dog groomer if you have any questions about how often to bathe your dog.

Final Thoughts on Washing a Dog

Along with a balanced diet and plenty of exercise, bathing is an important part of maintaining your dog’s health.

Of course, it’s not always possible to keep up with a regular routine of washing a dog. Sometimes it makes more sense to leave the grooming to the professionals.

That’s where we come in. Whether you want to bring your dog to our salon or you’d like us to come to you, we’ll keep your pup sparkling clean.

Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment!

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