Using Grooming Services To Remove Skunk Odor

pet grooming

If someone has a dog that had gotten sprayed by a skunk, they will most likely want to take steps in removing the odor from their pet’s fur. While there are a few home treatments that can be tried, going to a business that does pet grooming services may be a better idea. The service would handle all aspects in getting the dog back into a unoffensive state with ease.

A groomer would first wash the dog with an appropriate shampoo to help remove any of the scent from the fur. They would have the proper types of shampoo to handle this matter without the need for home treatment options like tomato juice, which could leave an acidic scent behind. They would then condition the dog’s fur so it becomes silky as a result.

Afterwards, the groomer would dry the dog using quiet hair drying equipment. This will allow the pet to relax in the warmth without being scared from the loud sound that a home hair dryer would give.

The groomer would then comb the dog’s fur to remove any tangles that may be present. The pooch will enjoy the feeling of being pampered during this process. If needed, another shampooing treatment can be done as sometimes the scent may linger with just one washing.

A grooming service would also offer additional pampering activities for the dog. This would include clipping the nails, painting them in a fun color, tending to the pads on the bottoms of the feet so they are not rough, and adding hair bows at the ear area if desired. The dog would come out of the salon looking fresh and clean. No one would be aware they were sprayed by a skunk after their treatment and they will look their absolute best as a result.

If someone has a dog who needs a treatment to remove skunk spray, they can contact one of the grooming services in their area. The groomer will make the dog’s appointment as soon as possible so the odor can be eliminated fast. Call to make an appointment right away with a professional groomer today.

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