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Cats are amazing animals and pets to have. They are great companions and awesome snuggle buddies too. They also walk a little on the weird side; cats have some very interesting traits and behaviors that are displayed on a daily basis. Cats show affection in lots of shapes and forms but one odd cat behaviors that a cat does to show that it cares is sniffing your face. If it always seems that a cat is in someone’s face, it’s just trying to tell you that it’s interested in you. It wants your scent or smell and to be close to you. Cats have a very odd way of showing their affection towards people, and every cat is different, with a different personality. Depending on the cat, a cat might act differently around another person than their owner.

Another behavior is when a cat runs around like a total Spaatz. A cat running up and down the hall for fifteen minutes in a speed racing motion is actually completely normal. Cats are letting out bursts of energy especially house cats since they just lay around and nap all day. Cats normally don’t get enough exercise so allowing the cat to be free with his totally random Spaatz moment is okay to do so even if they do get a little out of hand.

Cats that lay on your belongings can be personally annoying especially if you are trying to do something and they just want to sit on top of your paperwork, books, computer, or whatever it might be. This behavior in a cat is also a sense of wanting attention to be either pet or fed. Cats obviously know to choose the perfect time to annoy you by laying or sitting on your items that you are currently working on.

Cats are also very adventurous and curious animals. If there are any open boxes or bags be aware. Cats love to play and wrestle with bags but boxes are more on the sneaky side, they love to hide in boxes and watch all their surroundings. Cats feel secure in boxes so they may be drawn to more box hopping and hiding in them than bags. Cats might have some weird behaviors but so do humans. So what’s so weird about that?