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Dogs and cats can greatly benefit from regular grooming. Matted fur can cause pain to the animal’s skin, and an infestation of fleas can cause severe irritation and itching of the skin. The best way to eliminate the opportunity for fleas causing a major infestation in a home is to eliminate them on a pet. Staying ahead of a flea situation with grooming and flea medication is the only way to keep fleas from infesting a home. Once fleas begin to infest a home, an exterminator will need to be contacted to remove them.

Flea bites on a pet can cause infections and scabs on the animal’s skin. Pets can have an allergic reaction to the flea bite which will cause even more discomfort. Routine pet grooming by an experienced groomer combined with regular brushing of a pet’s fur with a flea comb will reduce the opportunity for fleas. The best way to prepare a pet to visit the groomer is to practice at home. An owner should brush and bathe their pet so it’s not afraid when they’re being bathed by an experienced groomer. A pet owner should start at the animal’s head and touch every area through the end of its tail and paws.

If traveling to a groomer is difficult, mobile pet grooming services are available. This convenient service means a pet is never exposed to other pets or disease. The mobile grooming service is cleaned and sanitized after every use and offers a relaxed environment. Cats and dogs should never be exposed to harsh shampoos. An experienced grooming service only uses natural organic professional grooming products that won’t cause irritation of the animal’s skin. Cats and dogs can benefit from a hydro surge infused shampoo bath, coat conditioner, nail trim, ear cleaning and paw pad, and hair trim. Grooming will make a pet feel better and improve their mood.

If you’re interested in keeping your cat and dog feeling clean, fresh and healthy, contact Lucky Dawg Pet Services. Their highly trained staff is available six days a week providing salon and mobile cat and dog grooming services.