How To Choose The Best Dog Grooming Products For Your Pooch

best dog grooming

There are hundreds of different pet grooming tools and products on the market, such as combs, cleaners, shampoo, pet toothpaste, and clippers.

This can make it difficult trying to figure out which is the best choice for your pup. Learning how to take grooming into your own hands can be quite effective for those times in-between grooming salon appointments.

It’s a good idea to create a small collection of the tools for your dog at home so you can keep them healthy and properly maintained.

Here is how to choose the best dog grooming products for your pooch.

How To Choose The Best Dog Grooming Brush

Brushing your dog is an important step of the grooming process that helps remove tangles, knotted fur, and dirt.

Shorter haired pups will need a brush made of boar bristles or even a rubber material. These materials are the best at removing fallen fur and any dirt that is in the coat.

A slicker brush with wire bristles is the best option for dogs with longer hair.

A metal brush is ideal for combing out matted fur or hair if your pup frequently gets matted up. Metal brushes are also a cheap brush to invest in for your dog and will last a long time.

Shampoo Choices

Bathing your dog starts with choosing the correct shampoo. Good shampoos can also help keep the shed under control.

When selecting your shampoo, try to match your dog’s fur type with the main ingredients and goals of the shampoo.

Oatmeal shampoo helps to relieve itchy, dry, and sensitive skin. Shampoo with an oatmeal base is probably the best choice if your dog has a skin allergy.

There are some medicating shampoo options for other types of sensitivities that you can get prescribed by your vet.

Look for shampoos with quality and natural ingredients, so you feel safe and comfortable using them on your dog.

Dog Wipes And Sprays

Dog wipes and sprays are one way to refresh your dog in-between big washes.

Some brands of sprays can have anti-fungal properties which are helpful for when your dog has gotten into something really dirty like the trash.

Dog grooming wipes can quickly do a light clean of your pet’s coat. These are also pretty handy for when your pet comes in the house with muddy paws or a dirty bottom.

Tools For De-Shedding

Dogs that shed often need to be frequently brushed and properly de-shed.

The Furminator is a great tool for de-shedding dogs. This tool can drastically reduce the amount of shed your dog produces when used on dry fur.

You can use the Furminator on both long and short haired pups. You will need to be careful to select the appropriate size. For examples, short-haired dogs need the small size of Furminator.

A Happy And Healthy Pup

Finding the best dog grooming products for your dog is an essential part of keeping your dog happy and healthy.

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